About Dana

Mother. Teacher. Writer. Runner.  Loves Jesus. Wretched at Pinterest. 

Author of Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery.

Oh, I have such great intentions…


At five years old:   I’m perched at the living room table, the sun streaming in through large windows, clacking away at my old black typewriter.  My stack of paper was neatly piled next to my Woodstock, and I was in heaven.  I published masterpieces such as:

        “Cindy Has a Cough


       “The Cat Who Looses a Tooth.”

Yes, I know.  I was on fire. I wanted to be a writer.

This old boy has seen better days.

This old boy has seen better days.

Not much has changed since then.

Welcome to Momsieblog.  Here we will grip hands tightly and walk through the days of endless Cheerios on the floor (and, well, everywhere) and other such conundrums of motherhood.  I will address such scintillating topics as: “Why must we discuss this while Mommy is on the potty?”  and “Really?  You announced WHAT * at Sunday School?”

 This mothering gig came rather late in life for me; I didn’t have my first wee one (The blond) until I was 38 years old.  Ancient.  And the second wee one, The redhead, was at, gasp, 40.  I know, right?  But it has been an amazing journey.  And the added bonus: my boys (husband included) supply me with massive loads of material.

* No.  I will never tell you what he announced.  It is just too awful.


20 thoughts on “About Dana

  1. Love your bio & pic. Your feet pics are awesome, too. I miss you terribly. Maybe this blog will take off and you’ll have to come to LA to do a publicity junket… one can only hope. 🙂

  2. Hi Dana! So nice to meet you! I just stumble on your blog from the article at HuffPost. I just had my first few in depth conversation with my almost 11 years old daughter, which stemmed, of course, from that one single question: Why are you going to a meeting again? LOL! I Loved the article and the awesome advice! Thank you! Glad to be here and glad to follow!

  3. Hi Dana,

    Found you thru your post on Momastery. Love your writing style! Your stories remind me of my own kids from years ago. I started my blog for pretty much the same reasons. Congrats on making it a year! I have enjoyed documenting 10 years of craziness and am so thankful that I now have somewhere to ho to retrieve those memories. They fade with time. You think you will never forget all those cute stories or all the cherrios on the floor or have comany with you while using the bathroom…but you do. You (and your kiddos) will laugh so hard when you reread these precious stories in ten years. I so look forward to following your blog.

    • Oh thank you! What a blessing this journey (and blog) has been, and I LOVE to hear from you guys. It is such an honor. And yes, I know, ONE day I will miss the Cheerios… 🙂

  4. I am reading your book right now and it hits home on so many levels with me! You inspire me! I just recently decided to get sober, I am in very early recovery and you give me so much hope. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for your book. I found so many similarities, especially the hiding things behind folded jeans! I have been struggling and your book is so motivating. It is appreciated. I read certain pages when I am feeling weak.

  6. Hi Dana- I just finished your book, Bottled literally 5 minutes ago and LOVED it! I relate to the “old” habits in so many ways. I have 2 young boys and cannot even explain the overwhelming joy of being present daily in their lives. Thank you for sharing your story!

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