Back Cover: Dana Bowman can’t escape the lure of perfectionism— like so many people today—trying to be a flawless wife, mother, and person in recovery. When Dana experiences a short-lived relapse during the Christmas holiday, she has the startling realization that recovery is not only about the alcohol.

In this funny and revealing follow-up to Bottled, Dana reflects on how we live in a society of excess, always pushing ourselves to do it all. However, it doesn’t take her long to realize that self-care and getting over herself is the key to happiness.


“…luminous, laugh-out-loud wondrous, and makes something profound shift within… This big-hearted book rejoices in the messy, tangled clusterf*ck of being a perfectly imperfect human.”             Catherine Gray, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober



An unflinching memoir about recovery as a mother of young kids, Bottled explains the perils moms face with drinking and chronicles the author’s path to recovery, from hitting bottom to the months of early sobriety—a blur of pain and chaos—to her now (in)frequent moments of peace.


“Poignant, hilarious, and instructive. Filled with genuinely good guidance and laugh-out-loud moments, Bottled will resonate with any mom in or seeking recovery from alcoholism. I wish I’d had access to it when I was a young mom finding recovery.”—Dawn Nickel, PhD, Founder of She Recovers