I have spoken and led workshops on writing, parenting, recovery, goal-setting, and faith in various settings. If you are interested in having me speak, please fill out the contact form below. Scroll down further to see some topics and audiences for my talks. Thanks so much!




Intervention Project for Nurses – Jacksonville, Florida May 2016

Some of Dana’s Events:

Sober Momhood – ARL Good Neighbor Project, Ashe Country, North Carolina

Sober and NOT Serious – Canyon Ranch, Lennox Massachusetts

Caring for the Caretaker – HRACAC, Mission, Kansas

Stonecroft Ministry speaker – monthly events locally and nationwide.

Kansas Notable Book Presentation – Topeka State Capital, Topeka, Kansas

You Will Laugh Again. IPN – Intervention Project for Nurses   Annual conference in St. Augustine, Florida

Grace in Recovery: Okay Jesus, I’m Sober. Now What?  – Whole Women Weekend in Lane Forest Hill, Maryland


The Shair Podcast: Dana Bowman: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery

The Bubble Hour podcast – Bottled: A Moms’ Guide to Early Recovery   

Good Wit and Good Writing – Indiana Writers’ Consortium in Hammond, Indiana

Grace in Recovery – Mother’s Hour in Salina, Kansas

What is My Mission? Vision board workshop at Bethany college, Lindsborg, Kansas

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question – local library writers’ workshop in Lindsborg, Kansas

Youth group and college events

Dana Bowman brings a unique combination of vulnerability and humor to wherever she speaks. Her ability to laugh in midst of painful memories inspires audiences and gives hope to the hopeless. Crystal Renaud – Author of Dirty Girls Come Clean and Whole Women Ministries Founder

Dana is a consummate pro; articulate, polished and professional. What I love most about her style, and what really makes her stand out, is that she always “keeps it real”. She’s not afraid to be herself, which is what draws people to her. She’s funny, savvy, smart and down-to-earth. She strikes just the right chord of passion, knowledge and humor, and because of this her message is relatable and powerful. Ellie Strong, founder and Co-Host of The Bubble Hour, and president of Shining Strong, Inc.

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