Happy Birthday from Netflix #Streamteam!


Every year, it happens.

October. October happens. October, with its leaves and its crisp weather and its pumpkin spice all up in my biz..

All good things. Yes.

Also, the birth of my husband, some six million years ago. And the wee first born, my preshus wee angel, WILL BE NINE YEARS OLD. (Hashtag howdidthathappen? timeisweird hewillbeshavingsoon).

The husband does not get the hoopla. He gets a cake, some really crappy cards from my kids, and a golf shirt. That, my friends, is the holy trinity of birthdays when you’re old and boring.

But, did you know? Nine year olds like to think their birthday is going to be second only to when Moses parted the Red Sea, except there will be no drowning and tragedy, and also, no biblical prophecy, so you know. Not as cool. But close.

I have failed birthdays before, y’all. This is daunting.


Birthdays Infographic.jpg

Friends, it’s not often that my television speaks to me in Old English, but when it does, I listen.

Here’s the deal – Netflix has created Birthdays on Demand. This feature offers your children their favorite characters in cute short clips wishing your kids a Happy Birthday.


I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes? A little bit of help really… helps.


Notice the oven mitt. It’s fitting.

So, how does this magic happen? Just open your Netflix and search “Birthday”! From there you can watch anyone from Barbie to Lego Friends to My Little Pony celebrate with you. Our personal fave? King Julien. Of course. (King Julien is kinda my spirit animal.)


Thank you, Netflix, for giving me yet another reason to convince my children I am a magical, wondrous woman who has Ninjago at her fingertips. This totally makes up for my frosting abilities.




As a Netflix SteamTeam blogger, I get to watch the awesomeness that is Netflix, and chatter about it on my blog. It’s a great gig.







This is my life. With cliffhanger.

You guys.

This is my life.

So, about a month ago I got an email asking if I would be interested in interviewing any of the actors or writers for a new kids animated show. I still am not sure how the email ended up on my doorstep. There’s a lot of reasons, I guess, due to my blogging chops and reviews that I do for other kids’ programs…

And also that I have two small boys. There’s that. Because – THIS show was  kind of catered exactly to my nutball boys’ likes: rocket ships, inventions, fast things whizzing about, total geekout science-ey moments…

And brothers. Brothers who are going to SAVE THE DAY.

So, of course, it looked like a great fit. And of course I was totally all over it.

And then… I kept watching the clips. And I kept watching… And then I totally freaked out.

This show. It’s a redux of the show I used to watch when I was a KID. Like, me, with my bowls of Trix cereal and some Ovaltine, and these hotties:

0 0classic-1.jpg

I was kind of in love with the all the Tracy boys. They had really really good hair. And, they were out to save the day.

I know. They were puppets. But there was a degree of realism there that just made me think I might have a chance…


My life. I tell you. If you had told me that one day I would be interviewing a writer in California about a show he’s really proud and excited about, because HIS son, Henry will love it too…

Oh life. I just think you are too funny.

And the Tracy boys are sill adorable. They have really good hair.

Stay tuned: interview with head writer, Rob Hoegeee, tomorrow. And I’ll also explain why I chose interviewing him, instead of the actors because they too have good hair. (Although Rob might too… I dunno… ) Anyhow, more on that tomorrow. 🙂

And remember:

Thunderbirds ARE GO!