NaBloPoMo. I KNOW.

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Here at Momsie, I like to have a plan.  Some structure.  Otherwise, well, the top of my head starts to blow off and I start thinking that stealing the pixie sticks from my kids’ Halloween stash is very necessary for my survival.  I know, right.  Pixie stix.  Gateway candy.  Next stop:  crack.

I’m just kidding.

But not about the structure thing.  The structure, if you have caught on, has slowly been evolving from this blog’s humble beginning.

It started with the the blog goddessess saying:  post three times a week!  And I was all… Mmmm K.  I can do that.  I think.  I gotta lot to say, and a somewhat contained audience on the old cyberspaces, so I’ll do it!  I might have to take my Diet Coke rationing up a notch, but it’s not crack.  So there’s that.

And then the blog gods got a bit more picky:  FOOD!  WE WANT FOOD!  So, I immediately started taking copious pictures of weird things we eat here and posting it.  And lo, it was nummy.  Cuz, there’s no other food blogs out there by momsies, right?  Riiight.

And then, well I was all coasting along on the interwebs one afternoon and saw something that made me chuckle (ah interwebs, you so can make me laugh; you have videos with kitties and babies and kitties AND babies…  my brain gets all fuzzy, and I’m done for.)  I am so brilliant – I immediately thought, “WHAT is this?  A cute video of a man proposing to his wife while holding a kitty on the beach with a baby seal and maybe also he’s (the man, not the seal) is just coming back from the war and there has to be a Labrador retriever in there somewhere.   I must SHARE!  With others!  With this neato share button they have here!  How handy dandy is THAT? It’s like the internet just knew I would view things and want to pass them along!  Amazing!”


And then, I decided to go for the mushy and started with my Daily 4:8, which I’m not going to poke fun at because it’s mushy and it’s about Jesus and I like it.

And then.  The blog goddessess tapped me on the shoulder and said:  NABLOPOMO!!!!

The what tha?

The (nutball) premise behind (crackalacka) NaBloPoMo is to post every day for the month of November.  Why?  I have no idea.

I just do what people tell me.  (Funny, the hubs thought this part of the post was HIL-arious.  Dunno why…)

But I digress.  NaBloPoMo (sponsored by Blogher – a conglomerate of adorable and very Pinteresty women who blog and who are quite also possibly control freaks* that like to guilt you into following their crazy notions) even gives daily prompts:

Today’s prompt:  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Well.  That’s easy enough.

I would try not to succumb to every wackadoodle idea that comes my way simply because I like to be “challenged” and want to “refine myself as a writer” because I’m just a “wee bit off.”

The air quotes are provided to you by this guy:

“Well, maybe I’m not ‘the norm’. I’m not ‘camera friendly’. I don’t ‘wear clothes that fit me’…”

Also, what I would change? That when I wake up in the morning and head down the hall I inevitably run into the walls, almost every time.  Like a drunk walking home. But so not, I tell you.  Stone cold sober and just completely clunky and unable to walk in a straight line.  I would change that.  My cat hates it too – she is always racing me to her food dish and she has to be all swervy.  She is very judgmental.

Oh!  And my indecisiveness.  I would change that.  It’s tough, at Hobby Lobby (also known as My Happy Place), to make an intelligent decision when indecisiveness strikes.  The decisions at Hobby Lobby are important;  I mean, most of my choices there are backed by Jesus, but you know, wrong choice and the spirituality of my house, and perhaps the planet, is in peril.

Or not.  I don’t know.

I can’t decide.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 3.57.21 PM
Must buy…. cute… mentions bible…

*My therapist wants to make sure I clarify that since I am a MEMBER of Blogher, and since I also am a bit of a, um, control freak, that my willingness to take on NaBloPoHeckNo is really MY choice and no one coerced or guilted me into it.  So.  Fine.

And I only drink ONE Diet Coke a day.  And, on the same note, I have never done crack.  Sometimes I live on the edge and put LIME in my Diet Coke.  I just wanted you to know.

This post was brought to you by:  MEDIOCRE WRITING.  Embrace it.

And possibly…

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It’s all about product placement, ya’ll.


  1. Hmmm, NaBloPoMo….? (Seriously, a major mouthful.) Why not go HoHo? (I feel the need to shorten all my words now….and “HoHo” of course means “whole hog.”) You don’t need those BlogHer prompts. You can rock it NaBloPoMoFoYo – and ask us, your faithful blog readers, to give you the prompts you’ll use for this month! Yes???

      • Sweet! Here are some ideas…
        What did I just step into/onto?
        The phrases I say.
        My day, in lyrics (or song titles)
        Casting the movie about my life.
        Uses for leftover pumpkins (maybe tackle this early this month?! hehe)
        With a guilt-free $50 to spend, I would…

  2. I love the one about the song titles – excellent. And you read my mind – I am doing a post about pumpkin pie, from real, actual pumpkins… (not from a can) I was amazed this was possible.

    Oh, and don’t even get me started w/ the 50$…. 🙂

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