Monday Manuscript. And Mushy Part Two.

So… yesterday I was telling you about my brilliant children.  Really, stay with me here, I’m not going to start showing you gratuitous pictures* of them demonstrating their brilliance…   I know you already realize how amazing and wonderful they are.

Right?  Right.

But, I just have to keep talking about this puzzle thing.  Because, well, it’s exactly what I have been struggling with  for the past few weeks.  My children took me to school yesterday.  Boom.  Isn’t that always the way?  The toddlers get it.  Momsie needs to listen.

Blonde said making a promise is like a puzzle.  One piece, the promise. Another, the action.  His hands fit together, like a little toddler genius graphic organizer.  Red added, saying “sorry” is the same.  One piece, the “sorry.”  Another, the action of making it right.

For days and even weeks, I have been trying to put together one-piece puzzles.  It’s not much fun.

Here’s what I mean:

“I’m really frazzled and stressed.  I need to get up earlier and get a more solid time with God in before I start my day.”

“I should run more.  It clears my head.”

“I must not, under any circumstances, eat all that Halloween candy.”

“Staying up all night to catch up on Masterpiece Theatre’s Sherlock? Well…”**

Every single one of these puzzle pieces is looking for its mate, but lately… I have not been inclined to find it.  I just… set piece one on the table and eye it, move it around every morning, wishing I could find a piece to fit it.  And then I wonder how my days seem to come AT me, with a bit of a vengeance, instead of me just living my days.

Now my tendency is to try and turn the Titanic around and get all overly nutball.  You might know this tendency too.  It’s called:  LET’S FIX IT ALL! RIGHT NOW! MY LIFE NEEDS A DO OVER! WHERE IS TY PENNINGTON!  MOVE THAT BUS!

Deep breath. No Ty.  No bus.  Just reality.

Just recently a dear friend left a gift for me on my front doorstep.  This little gem – do you know it?


It was a simple gift; I think she got it at the local thrift store… it even has an old inscription in the front from some sweet lady named Gloria.  It was a puzzle piece for my mornings.

I stopped trying to imagine myself training for a half marathon.  Vowed to run 20 minutes every day.  Blonde marks it off for me on his daily calendar.  The calender is also known as a puzzle piece.

Gave myself permission to buy my favorite favorite chocolate candy that is totally decadent and yummy.  They are so good I only want one (or two) a day, AND it has little messages of daily love on the inside of each wrapper!  Lots of little foil wrapped puzzle pieces.Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.51.15 AM

But.  I do reserve the right to watch as much of Sherlock as I like.  I need him.

Keep the puzzle pieces  fitting together.  Try not to go for the 1000 piece puzzle – maybe tackle a small one. But fit them together.



*I AM brilliant. I LIKE to wear my coat this way.

Oh, and…. **

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.04.26 AM
Well hello there. I am here to save the day.

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