Monday Manuscript

NaBloPoMo:  Not for the faint of heart.
NaBloPoMo: Not for the faint of heart.

Mondays.  They just keep coming.

On Mondays on Momsie, I like to keep going with my alliteration thing and review, for you, gentle reader, something I have been reading lately that has blessed me. Monday Manuscript on Momsie.  Voila! That’s a lot of M’s!

Today I’m going to go a slightly different route and introduce you not to something with actual pages, but to a blog that I visit nearly every day for a deep breath, a recalibration, a hug.

Lydia J. Will has a blog called:  Small Town Simplicity:  The Pursuit of a Humble Life.  Her words are sweet and soothing; she takes great pictures (no Mason jars, yet, alas), and her children are absolutely adorable.

Mainly, though, she speaks to my heart.  She has the mothering “gene” – something I think I was largely lacking until my children kinda just came along with no warning (HOW did that happen? Wait, I have children?  But… I still feel 18??!!)  Lydia, who is a young momma, speaks with more maturity and wisdom about this mothering gig than I ever have.  She is my daily cup o’ tea, and I love her blog!

Here’s one of her latest.  Enjoy!

Little Things

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