Sunday Spruce Up

Don’t worry. It will make sense later, this picture of a hamster. And really, how can you go wrong with a cute hamster to start a post?

Working on getting organized here, my friends.  I have now embarked on chapter two of Jennifer Ford Berry’s Organize Now!, and, I must say, so far it’s been pretty easy.  This chapter is entitled:  “Organize Your Schedule.”  Basically it’s a cleanup of the old agenda – figuring out priorities, what goes where, what needs to be kicked to the 1 (7)

Oh, I got this.

See, here is what I like to call my MASTER CONTROL:

If I ever lose this thing, I will probably have to go live in a van down by the river.

In this grubby notebook I have To Do’s for this week, for the future months, for the spring, for years to come…  I like to plan ahead, I tell you.  I take it with me everywhere, clutched to my chest like a talisman against evil spirits.  Feeling stressed or overwhelmed?  I will check my MASTER CONTROL and schedule in a pedicure!  There!  BEGONE evil mind troubles!  Toddlers are getting cranky and underwhelmed by our four walls?  MASTER CONTROL some serious craft projects for the house (with copious lists of supplies and such! And maybe even SHARPIES!) and thwack those crankies away!  MASTER CONTROL’S GOT THIS.  JUST WRITE IT DOWN, AND IT WILL END HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Well.  You know. Sorta.

It’s just the actually DOING of the items on the numerous lists I like to make that is the trouble.  I make lists like a hamster creates a nest:  copious amounts of paper, lots of fluff, and then I get exhausted, and I curl up and go to sleep.  Maybe then I wake up and stuff my cheeks with food.  My goodness. I just realized how much hamsters and I have in common.  Kindred spirits, I tell you.

But I digress.

This week, I shook off my hamster-itis,  hammered out a new schedule, streamlined and tidy, and I am ready to tackle the next chapter!  Easy peasey!  Right?

Well.  Sorta. Again.

There’s just one item in the chapter that I still haven’t done.  I KNOW. I wasn’t able to check it off my list in the book!  This goes against all things good and neat and tidy, I tell you.

But I just can’t do it.

I have to:  (ahem, and deep breath) “Schedule your dentist and doctor appointments for the next year.”


Can’t I just do what I always do?  Put it on my list to DO, but then, never actually pick up my phone to, you know, DO it?

That was a really bad sentence.  I apologize.  My mind is in panic mode due to the awfulness of this request. I have never been good about dentist appointments; I avoid; I deny; I  straight up lie to get out of ’em.  I need a dental intervention.  But golly, guys,  DENTISTS COME AT YOU WITH METAL POINTY THINGS AND STICK ‘EM IN YOUR MOUTH.  Why volunteer for THAT?

Ok.  So I am behind on my chapter, because to be totally honest I did not make said appointment with my (very nice) dentist.  And now I am telling all of YOU this so I will then be forced to do so because accountability and sharing and transparency and, you know, the whole Jesus doesn’t really like it when I lie thing.

Sniffle.  I’ll keep you posted.  Be strong and courageous, Momsie.

And, I leave you with this:

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