Friday Funny

It’s 8:57 am.  I am attempting to type while Red leans his sad little sick self against me.  We are watching our PBS.  We are drinking our juice.

We are, truly, and deeply, down in the dumps.

Red has clearance.  He has a bad cold and had very little sleep last night.  He is wrapped up in his Spiderman blankie and seems to be facing the day with acceptance.  More juice.  More PBS.  More coughing.  It will get better.

Momsie doesn’t really have the same excuse.  I’m tired, yes, but I’m just… blue.

It makes sense, really.  I have been surrounded by dirty tissues, germs, and a general sense of sickie ennui for days now.  What is a Momsie to do?

1.  Read my bible and make a LARGE pot of coffee.

2.  I pray.  Prayers like:  “Help.  Tired. Please? Thanks.  Love You, too.”

3.  Watch Bob Newhart.

Of course.


  1. Make the boys some jello; serve it warm, in liquid form. Put some wine (or, as my dad would have done “Old Grandad” in yours. Soon you will be thinking everyone feels better.

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