Five Minute Friday





Writing over with Lisa-Jo Baker at the Five Minute Friday Community today.

Rules:  no self editing (hard), no thinking (not so hard), five minutes, WRITE, GO!


Today’s theme:  PAINT


“Can we paint?”  is a daily question.  Two boys, paint everywhere, solid blues and reds and purples everywhere. On boys, on table, on floor.  On paper, yes.

On the cat.

I wipe at it and the paint smears, a deep grape, and I stand and look for a minute –

And actually stop cleaning for a minute-

And give myself a break for a minute –

And consider for just a minute –

My painting.



One day at a time, we can paint what we like.  My boys know this.  They paint wide and large and bright and ignore rules.

I paint small and tight and black and white and add rules to the list as I tentatively proceed:

Don’t make a mess

Don’t go for risk.

Don’t ask why.

Don’t mix the colors.

and most of all:

  Don’t do this for too long. 


We know this lesson, all mothers do.  We know it because our older moms tell us. Because we read it and we are reminded of it.  We know it.  But yet how often we must be reminded.  The art class begins over and over.  The reminders do too.  Praise God.

It is amazing how much a 5 year old can teach his mom.  He is the greatest art teacher I have ever had.  Simply because he understands a little better how the Artist wants us to hold a paintbrush.

Every day of our life.




  1. I just loved this. We can learn so much from our children. That is just one of the blessings we get when God allows us to be parents. Thanks for sharing your FMF.

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