Five Minute Friday – RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

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Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday today.

Today’s word:  Release


I know there is a much more spiritual direction I should take here.  A deeply moving, Frozen Let it Go, Surrender Dorothy kinda thing.


But this morning I am watching my boys making rocket/box/car/cat trains things with some duct tape and cardboard boxes and copious markers.  The boys have connected their boxes and have made sure the cat is space Cat Captain as well.  They made him a little helmet out of deflated basketball.  It hasn’t made it onto his furry head yet, but here’s hoping.

In about 6 minutes my living room where I was reading the bible and drinking a cup of coffee has been covered with duct tape, crayons, children who are not dressed at all (underwear I guess is the acceptable uniform for a car/train/spaceman driver guy) and I just … watch.

I have nothing planned today.  We are going swimming and I will make pizza later. That’s it. I might read my new library books.  My toes need painting.  The house, incidentally, looks very, erm, “lived in,” but I don’t care.  (“Lived-in” by the way, is Mom speak for “be careful where you walk and if you can find a clean surface on which to make lunch, that’s a special bonus.)

Lately it has been so busy, so hectic here, we need a day off.

So today will have its own chaos because it always does when schedules are tossed and we just mosey through our day.

Except my boys don’t mosey.  They can’t.

My boys seem to have a more Run and Plunder, and Always Be on the Lookout for Mud, style of existence.  We get up, running, and it’s RELEASE THE HOUUUUNNNNDS,  right up to bedtime.  In fact, I started my day out like this:

“Mom, I needa some duck tape.  Don’t worry, it’s not for me.  It’s for my brudder.”  And do you know what?  As I lay there, eyeing the clock, his request sounded kind of reasonable.

But right now?  The sweet minions are, essentially, contained in their cardboard boxes. (It’s awesome.)


Until, of course, they take flight.


Lord, I release my day to you.  Let it be an adventure, and let it be Yours.  I release my boys to You too.  We love you.  Thank you for days like this when I can release my schedule and my expectations and plans and just create  a little chaos in the living room with my boys.



See the picture below?  They wanted to connect their spaceship with mine.  Because (wait for it…) I’m the MOTHERSHIP.  (ba dum tsss.)

(You’re welcome.  It’s not a normal day unless you can pun at it a little.  Gives you a little boost, doesn’t it?)


Sigh.  Sorry.  All done now.

Chaos. If you look closely you can see scissors and, yes, a HAMMER on the floor. Clearly we need to have a safety regulations meeting.




  1. LOVE THIS POST! I love the laughter and the honesty and the fun in your house! Total opposite of my post today and JUST what I needed to read to give our home a little boost!

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