Five Minute Friday: Lost



I’m looking for my glasses.

My keys.

My children.

The cat.

Oh. My mind.

They are lost.

And in every old purse, basket, stolen moment, dusty corner,

They are not.

Time is lost while looking,

Time is lost while trying

to find my life amidst

tangled ribbons, bits of paper, dusty corners

dangling words.

And in a moment I breathe,

look out a window.  Stop dusting

stop trying, stop looking, looking, pleading

with all the lost ribbons, tears, and dreams

of this leaning house.


Now listen and sing sweetly:

I was lost,

and now I’m found.

Sing the Promise that is also true.

Sing the hymn that ignores time

and dusty corners and

is a glorious ache that is filled for my future

every day.



Lost keys, glasses, tempers.

Cash, daylight, youth.


This is a promise that is always

and also true.



You cannot take anything from me that I care less about, except my life.  Except my life. 





Writing over with Lisa-Jo Baker at Five Minute Friday today:


Screenshot 2014-06-20 11.03.12




*Incidentally, I was looking through my glasses whilst I was looking for them.

I have lost my marbles too, it seems.




  1. I love this!!! First of all, the pic on your blog is adorable. Secondly, I loved that you wrote this as a poem. Third, I can more than relate. Very cute!!!

  2. I like the direction you take and the conclusion you share. And oh how I love that song and its message!:>)

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