There was this one time when my blog went all BOOM and I had no internet…

So.  I am sitting on a metal bench outside of a bathroom, typing as fast as my chubby little fingers will clatter across the keys.


The fingers, they are chubby because we’re on vacation and so:  Cheetos (puffed AND crunchy), CoCo Crispies, and the piece da la resistance:  REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP S’MORES.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME.  This menu is what I like to call:

IT’S VACATION!  EAT ALL THE JUNKFOOD EVERRRRRRR!  It might run out, the junk food, so we need to get it all in before we return to normalcy and my kale smoothies.


And also, I am typing away here, while the moths thwack at my head and people keep looking at me funny because you guys are the best.

Just the best.


I had this whole “We’ll go away to the mountains!  We’ll rough it, as much as I can do so for 5 days without killing anyone!  And also, I’ll eat my weight in chocolate to compensate for the roughage!” plan for this vacation.

And!  NO internet!  We will really be “Getting Away From It All!”  It will be awesome!

Oh ho.  Until Glennon Melton rang and asked if I might be interested in, uh, you know, sharing my post on her blog.

You might be interested to know that I went on a 5 hour hike with my family today – all the while my Twitter basically fluffed itself up into a ball of blue exploding feathers, and my blog kinda blew up all over the place.  (But in a good way.  Thank you, Glennon.)

And what was I doing?   I was leading my four and five year old across Seven Bridges Trail (“der are 7 WHOLE bwidges there!!!”) and saying things like:  “No!  Slow down!  Be CAREFUL!  Would you not look OVER that so OVER it, please?  PLEASE? Come over HERE. HERE.  OH MY GRAVY, SON IF YOU FALL OFF THIS MOUNTAIN I AM GOING TO KILL YOU.”

Not my finer moment(s).  But we actually had a really REALLY good time.  And so far, everyone has stayed ON the mountain.

So, now I am typing my thank you.  I love you guys.  I am just so grateful.

This has been such a journey, this whole getting sober deal.  It had me kicked and beaten, but then, I finally kicked back, and then… kicked a little more.  And then…

The kicking and screaming turned more into my own long hike up a mountain.  A really beautiful, hard, treacherous, scary, breathtaking mountain, where God lives.

It is a good journey.  Come along.


Many hugs and blessings to you.


And so, I am leaving you with this:


photo 3
This is my Red, you know.  Stuffing his cute little cheeks with hotdog because campfire, you know. He reminds me of ET when he wears his little hoodie. “I’ll be right here.”

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