The Tell


Linking up with Five Minute Friday over with Lisa-Jo Baker today.


Today’s theme:



In poker you learn about The Tell.

Don’t lean or twitch.

Don’t look down. Don’t look away.

Don’t softly sigh.

Don’t let them know.

The Tell gives your cards away, and then

The game goes.

The whole thing goes right down the drain.

Like the money and the time,

And possibly even your pride a bit.



Today I am tired of The Tell.

I lean.  I sigh.

I get twitchy.  I sometimes squirm

like a toddler; itchy in my skin.

I look down, and away.

I look up,

for help and answers,

(mostly for help; answers later)  as often as I can stomach it.

The Tell will tell me that

it is best to be still, and careful.


I just don’t listen anymore.

I have my own story to tell.



Screenshot 2014-06-20 11.03.12






  1. This is absolutely the best! Love, love, love it. Can’t wait to check out more of your writing. Honestly terrific. So glad I found you.

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