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Three years ago:

Sent in an essay to Kansas Voices contest. Placed. Asked the hubs:

“So… you wanna pack up some stuff, drive three hours, and sit in the audience while I read my essay? It’ll be fun.”

Yes, of course my sweet dear.


Then, decided to write an article about my post partum depression. Revealed it all. Got published in magazine.

Told the hubs: “I think I want to be a writer.”

Yes, my darling. Go for it!


Then, went crazy.

Found out I was sick with a disease that told me I wasn’t sick. Kept at it for a long time.

Told my hubs: “I’m FINE. Leave me alone.”

No my sweet one. But I’m here. Always.


Then, got sober.

And went a little more crazy. Because, well, recovery at first is kinda like walking across the Grand Canyon.

On a swingy bridge.

In the wind.

With no tether.

And no idea where the bridge actually ends.

Told my hubs: “NO I just CAN’T. This is too hard. I’m SCARED. I don’t do SCARED. I want to go back.”

No my love. Keep going. I’m right behind you. I won’t let you fall. But you have to do the  walking.


Then, I wrote about it. For all the world to see.

And I said, “WOW. Would you look at this? Other people have been there too! Dirty laundry? Nah.”

No. None at all. Just my life. I support you. Go for it!


Then, I told him:

Um, I think I would like to try to speak at this conference. It’s like a majillion hours away. I’ll be gone all weekend. I think Red might be coming down with something. I’ll be a nervous wreck prior and all cranky and stressed. Hows that for you?

Of course. You go. Dreams are God-given. Pursue them.

But please, darling, after you have slept in that hotel room with those big fluffy pillows and that endless Food TV –

Please do come back?


My husband cares for me. Often, he carries me.

In doing so, he has allowed me to hop in my carriage and attend the ball.  His willingness and humor and affable spirit has been my carriage out of poor humor, depression even,  pain.

He is a prince.

I mean, just look at him:IMG_2288

Well, and: photo (2)






  1. Very nice! I like how your husband said,”But please, darling, after you have slept in that hotel room with those big fluffy pillows and that endless Food, TV – Please do come back?” It put a smile on my face!

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