Leave me.

Hooking up with Five Minute Friday today.

Today’s theme is:

Screenshot 2014-10-31 12.39.51

I take the dough and stretch it,

rest it gently in my hand,

push it to the board and lean in.

It is sweet and heavy and ready for baking.

Ready to rise and be slathered with butter and even, so lucky

homemade strawberry jam.

Which, when opened, has a deep perfume.

Mingled with the smell of baking bread

and smiles of my children,

My home smells like peace.


It is with this jam and honey and butter and bread

that I take leave of the day.

I sit down and leave the following:

the lurching start to the morning

the grey hairs coming in

the rushed cup of coffee spilled

and the words that spilled after it,

the sighs as I try to apply mascara and

good will to all mankind

as again we are late we are late we are late, let’s go.

Let’s just leave.


Now, with one bite, and a cup of hot cocoa,

we leave

And find, in this time

a sort of leavening, a rise of breath

a hope and a sweetness.


The sun moves past a curtain and I

Shut my eyes and thank You.

You helped me leave. The big leave.

The one where I walked out on my giant mess.

I just left.


And  then walked a bit. And looked back a bit. And

looked to You.

Knocked, and here You are.


So my boys and I

we share some bread and I wipe up the jam off the table, off noses,

off the cat. And we laugh.

And take leave of our senses and laughter rises,

light and fragrant.

This is all so very huge, remembering how I left and came back to You.


A slice of bread reminded me.

Thank You.


Shelli Bourque – An Invitation to Grace




  1. That was lovely. Leaving things behind to just “go” can be so hard sometimes. I’m a ducks-in-a-row kind of gal so I know the tension in that. That jam looks worth the mess though. 🙂 Just stopping by from FMF.

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