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I was talking with my Super-Friend, Christy, recently about my all time favorite subject: ME.

This subject is fabulous. There is never enough time to cover all the nuances and layers of Momsie, but, you know, I’m willing to try.


We were talking about this blog of mine, and I was kind of whining (this is a common sub-genre that Talking About Myself delves into) about how I didn’t feel the blog was SERIOUS enough.

Like, I needed to talk about Jesus a lot more, and make sure that everyone who read Momsie would,  after finishing a post, slap their foreheads with palm and shout, “Well! Momsie! This post was so searingly inspirational that I need a Lord and Savior! Like, right NOW! This blog has saved me from eternal smiting. Praise Jesus!”

And then the reader would leap out the door and promptly go save at least three other people.

And so on.

I could be the greatest evangelical Pay it Forward blog ever, I tell you.

Christy, my Super-Friend, listened patiently and then said,

“Look. You started the blog to help out mommies. You wanted to help out mommies by making them laugh. Because, parenting is often very funny. Jesus knows that too.”

“He wants you to be you.”

So, here we are. I love Jesus. Very much. He saved me, by the way, from eternal smiting, but also from a life of addiction and sadness right now that very much would be earthly smiting, and who needs that?

I keep thinking I need to have more bible studies or verses or… more um, Christiany stuff.

Please forgive me. I need the Christiany stuff. Gracious, I try to read Oswald Chambers every morning, even when my brain is all smushy, and I sometimes think I would do better with the toddler Oswald version we have up in the boys’ room. But if I try to be Oswald? My Momsieness deflates like a sad balloon.

Real. I will stay real and keep posting bits about my children figuring out that glitter really does stick to cat fur… if you use glitter glue.

And, erm, I will keep posting all the semi-saucy bits about marriage and romance that I always have to warn the hubster about before we go to church like this: “Um, did you read my last post? The one called N is for Nookie? You might want to. And I love you. And thank you. And you’re awesome. And if you wonder why they’re sniggering at you at Sunday School, just know I love you. It’s all in good fun, and I think the mommies really liked this one. And, did I mention I love you?”

I love you too, my readers. And so, I’ll keep on being real.

But, just in case… If you don’t know Jesus, He knows you. In fact, He loves you like crazy.







  1. Hi Momsie! Visiting from FMF 🙂

    Your post made me smile which is a great gift to bring into someone’s life and something that Jesus would definitely approve of. After reading your post two things popped into my head. 1) Actions speak louder than words. By writing about the kind of life you have and have been able to build for yourself in great part I imagine thanks to your faith you are helping to people to build those moments of realization. 2) Your bringing smile into someones life and that in it self is a very Christian thing to do. Hope your having a wonderful Friday!

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