Listen. Up.

Linking up with my favorite people today! Five Minute Friday writers are the BEST.

The theme?



Ok, married people. Or people who, like, have to deal with other people. Like, in relationships.

So, I guess, all people?

Do you ever feel like you and your husband might be, um, missing the mark a bit? Like, you are talking at each other? At. Not to. Or with. Or any of those other more relation-ey prepositions.

And, also, you are talking very little because, well, you are like ships, passing, in the night.

You are like the bird in the bush, and the other bird just flew right on by.

You are like a rolling stone and he keeps trying to gather moss or something.

Maybe that’s not working, the moss thing. I don’t really know why he would be gathering moss. Unless he’s making a tasteful centerpiece.

That’s not gonna happen.


Here’s what I’m gonna say about all this:


Yep. A whole lotta nothing. NADA. Ziperooni. THIS ME ME, ZERO TALKING.

I know, YOU know I can’t really do that because talking a lot and in anyone’s general direction is my love language, but stay with me here, because I’m being symbolic.

The other day, my husband admitted to me that he has felt like he is distanced from God. Like, the communication lines had been fuzzed up somehow, with things like work and bills and broken toys that MUST be fixed or the world will end for a six year old.

Oh, and also a wife that is very very good at talking at. Not with.

So, I listened. And then we both made a kind of pact.

We were gonna listen UP.

As long as we get the lines of communication right, directed UP first, then out, we’ll be fine. Or, if not fine, we’ll get closer to fine, which, as you know is what our whole walk here is supposed to be.

Also, it’s probably one of my favorite Indigo Girls songs, so there you go.

Why don’t we listen to this, shall we? And then listen UP. And then OUT.

Up, then out. It kind of sounds like an ad for support undergarments, but that’s another blog for another day. 🙂

Love you, my Five Minute Friday friends.




  1. LOL…. what an awesome post! It kind of goes with my post today. Great job. We definitely need to get our vertical alignment [UP!] in order if we want things to work out, right?

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