Don’t ever settle down.

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It’s Friday. Good Friday, which as might know, is kind of a confusing name.

Last night, we took the boys to Maundy Thursday service (another confusing name – we Christians like to keep things all a kilter), and Red was very spiritual. Seven pm services tend to do that to him. He can get all quiet and sorta pensive.

It’s also possible he was dog-tired because earlier he was running about like a puppy on pixie sticks, but you know. I prefer spiritual.

Anyhow, Red was explaining what Maundy Thursday was all about, and then he launched right into Good Friday. (If you don’t know, Maundy Thursday it’s a commemoration of the Last Supper. Or, if you are Red, Maundy Thursday is about the Last Supper and ALSO grape juice! Grape juice in those little plastic cups! We NEVER drink grape juice at home so there is GRAPE JUICE COMING. Also a very dry small cracker thing. WHICH GETS TO GET WASHED DOWN WITH GRAPE JUICE OH SWEET NECTAR.)

And yes, I have just basically confessed that my sweet boy regards communion as a spiritual snack time of sorts. It’s a process, people.

So. Anyhow, Good Friday.

Red is trying to understand why Good Friday has any sort of Goodness in it. He says, “Jesus did not go into Good Friday all… ‘Hooray!’ Ok? It’s not GOOD. It’s TERRIFYING.”

Quick backstory: We are in line to go up and take communion while this conversation is occurring so it’s all very whispered and there’s a lot of “Shh-shing” in the background.

So, then Red is quiet for minute and I can literally SEE the little tiny synapses firing away, up inside his little Red head. And then, he blurts out:


You know, we all get to get them, these little God moments where God comes up besides us and smiles gently and then WHACKS us UPSIDE THE HEAD with a God moment, because we needed it. And it doesn’t hurt, really. I mean, it can make us a little dizzy, but  it’s just really cool and kinda a moment to shout about.

But, back to Maundy Thursday – where we were supposed to be sort of contemplative and quiet and pondering Gethsemane and sad, and here’s Red, completely rocking out his God moment for all the world to see. And hear.

I wanted to tell him to Settle Down. I did. But instead, I just hugged on him and smiled to the little old lady in line with us, and I realized something:

There is no settling in this faith of ours. It’s big and changing and it breaks our world apart. It HAS to. And today, our world is to break. And Sunday? It will break even MORE. And it’s happy and it’s sad and it’s terrifying and it’s good. 

It’s so good. Thank you for Sunday, my Jesus. Thank you for being so brave. Thank you for loving us so deeply.  Whatever in the world would I do without you?





  1. Thanks so much for sharing your kids’ experience of the Maundy Thursday service. I love how kids sometimes just GET IT in ways we adults can’t quite grasp. Maybe because we’re looking for something more complicated.

    I know what you mean about the spiritual snack time too. Once at an evening service when my daughter was about 4, we were standing in a circle and sharing communion. She took a piece of the homemade communion-bread loaf, put it in her mouth, and said with great satisfaction, “FWUFFY!”

    Jeannie (next door to you in the linkup at #16 today)

  2. Dear sis, could not agree more. Thank you for sharing your God (unsettling) moments! Love Blond and Red!

    With all the insettled love in my heart,
    Jenni Halligan

  3. Bless your little boys heart he’s almost got it! It isn’t all about us…it’s ALL about God’s glory. But it’s about us in that we are God’s children and that’s how much he loves us. 🙂 visiting from FMF

  4. Oh that I can let this sink into my head and heart…that I never settle for less than Him…in a Bible study I’m doing currently we were talking about being unequally yoked and how God BROKE the yoke of bondage for us so why would we want to re-yoke ourselves back up to sin or the things that kept us in bondage…this reminds me of that why would I ever want to settle for bondage?

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