Be It Ever So Humble.

Two days ago I got up at the crack of dawn:


And I ended up here:


I was on television, y’all. It was glorious. I had on winged eyeliner and everything. My interviewer, Abby, was kind and adorable and insightful and the whole experience was just lovely.

Just a typical, lovely day, really. I see you, Michelle Bogowith.


I know. I am so name-dropping now. But, that’s what you do, when you start out your day in a newsroom and you try to play it cool and the people there are all nice and chirpy. You name drop, to hold onto the moment.



Thank you, Donutology in Westport. You had me at coconut glazed.

Also, this:


Anytime I have celebrity moments, I decide they are my new best friend. And so, Jenny McCarthy, we are now like *this* (crosses fingers) and you need to accept it.

We had a radio interview. She was really nice and we talked mom stuff and Donny Wahlberg. And now, I have a whole lotta new followers who have #DonnyForever as one of their tags. I’ll take it.

So, again, your basic Monday.

And then, I drove home, humming to myself and thinking about how fabulous I am.

And, I got home, grabbed my bag, and trilled at them as I walked through the door, “Hello my lovelies! Fabulous Mom is here!”

And Blonde walked past me and said, “Mom, I need fifty dollars for my cello. And my snacks are all out.”

And Red said, “Nice to see you,” like we were shaking hands before church or something.

But I did have the dog, who acted like Beyonce holding a bag of Beggin’ Strips just strutted in the door.

It’s good to be home.


  1. WHAT?!?! Abby Eden, Michelle Bogowith, Jenny McCarthy, and Donutology all in one day? Listen here, Beyonce, I think you’re living my best life….

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