There is no way to explain my long absence except to tell you this:

  1. I have been really busy.
  2. I have the attention span of a squirrel on stimulants.
  3. I had another point but isn’t the pic above cute?

Ok, sooooo. I travelled to the Berkshires (post coming soon) and spoke. And before that was Austin, Texas. I think Chicago happened too, but I did post, somewhere in there, about the airport.

And in between? I would come home and do this:


Then, I would get up and clean all the things and feed and water the spawn because when I’m gone sometimes the husband forgets to do that. That’s always fun.

And… repeat.

Really, all I can tell you is that I know that Game of Thrones ended? I never watched the show; I just watched all the memes that followed. Which really, rather pathetically, sums up my existence these days.

Also, I know that the Chicago airport is where my dreams go to die.

Anyhow, I am not traveling anymore for at least thirty days.

And… it’s horrifying.

This morning I walked around my house with a cold cup of coffee (with backup forgotten cup in the microwave, just waiting for  me to find it tomorrow) and looked at the house. Like really looked. And y’all? It was kind of like the Chicago airport, but without a Cinnabon. I am so overwhelmed. Do I deep clean the house? Do I work on a book? Do I watch cat videos? Do I start a craft project with the kids that will end in yelling?


I have squirrel brain.


My husband is not helping. He just sent me this:Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 1.50.30 PM.png

Lord have mercy.


I will return. I promise. Just let me tackle a few things and calm the squirrels. I need to deal with this situation:


Um, this is our dining room table. People are supposed to eat here. But right now it’s housing all the papers from end of school*, plaster of paris (I’m not even sure why. Are we building a volcano?), baseball equipment, a tesseract, and lots of Big Serious Biographies that the husband buys and then lays around the house but never actually reads.

Once that is done I will feel better and the squirrels might take a nap. One can only hope.

Also this: When you google “Squirrel brains” thinking you might come up with something cute and funny you better be ready for harsh reality. Thanks, internet.



*Save the Rainforest Meeting Itinerary:

  1. Save the rainforests
  2. We can’t because the Bowman family has all the papers from school.





One comment

  1. Dana: THIS WAS FUNNY! Keep up the good work! YOU are my FAVORITE SQUIRREL!
    Love you- Jenni

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