Wait for it…

Oh my, y’all. It’s been a long wait, but here goes:

Linking up with some of my favorite people today at Five Minute Friday! The theme?

I have this theory about life and the living of it, and it’s this:

Wait. Just wait a minute.

This past weekend our little town celebrated its Swedish heritage by putting on a bunch of costumes and dancing a lot. It’s called Hyllingsfest, and it’s more Swedish than you would think humanly possible. If you want to read more about it, click here, because honestly? It is a thing, ya’ll.

And here is what I found out about Hyllingfest: My children are adorable and are un-photographable.

Exhibit A:

I call this one: Let Me Ruin This. Also, The Kid in the Middle is Adorbs (He’s Not Mine)

Here’s another.

Exhibit B:

This one is entitled:

Oh For Pete’s Sake Just Stand Closer to Her. It Won’t Kill You. Also Photobomb by Best Friend Just As We Finally Got Them Both to Smile.

Here’s another. Exhibit C:

Ok, that one’s not so bad. So, here’s another one.

Exhibit D:

If you are a mom, you know this look. You know it well.

All weekend, we were surrounded by cuteness, wrapped up in a Swedish accent. I tried get pictures, I really did. But the wee ones with the tights and the hats? They move at the speed of light, I tell you.

It all moves so very fast. And slow. All at the same time.

We wait on the things that seem achingly slow. The end of an illness. A call with bad news. The fading of bad habits. Those last fifteen pounds.

But also? We never wait on the moments that need to be held close, and held onto, and paid attention to:

The sweet prayers at night, when you’re so tired.

The pink sunset, on the way to football practice.

The family dinners when we all have so much to do.

The kisses. The hugs. The moments that your kid looks at you, through a car window, on the way into school, and silently mouths, “I love you.”

We don’t wait for those moments. We forget they happen. And so, we don’t wait, and we don’t ponder, and we don’t trust that they’ll come, and go, with the regularity of God’s breath and the sunrise. Because they do come. We just need to wait.

And see.


  1. If you do not wait on the best of times
    they will simply pass you by;
    there’s no way to re-ring their chimes,
    and the only thing that’s left’s to cry.
    But before in your own tears you drown
    remember that God saves them, every one.
    Might the joys missed, when they came around
    have been vouchsafed by the Son?
    Perhaps the days of neglected laughter
    are taken to God’s very heart,
    and in His presence, ever after,
    is gifted a chance to again take part?
    We travel life at dreadful cost,
    but nothing loved is ever lost.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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