Tuesday is for Takeout

My mom had these cabinets. And those fixtures. And she always looked just like this when she cooked for us. Me too.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

Let’s Celebrate.

Let’s Fete.

Let’s EAT.

Or, in some cases, let’s share our greatest disasters in the kitchen.  And laugh.

Case in point:

1.  Walk out to garden.  Eye the straggling plants and sigh heavily.  The garden is UNTIDY, thus, I sigh a lot when I venture in.

2.  Still:  pick these beauties:

photo 4

3.  Chop ’em up.  Add some salt, pepper, diced garlic, and lemon juice.  Glug on some olive oil. The really good kind that your friend got you from Italy and you covet.  photo 2

4.  Throw in some onions and some cilantro (bedraggled, but still tasty).  Consider a cucumber and then think, nah.  Cucumbers are like celery.  Green, but vapid.

5.  Stir it all up and put in pretty bowl that the same friend gave you.  She’s a keeper and so is the bowl.

photo 1

6.  Stick in the ‘fridge.  Make tostadas for dinner.  Serve with lots of this salsa for the hubs.  Watch hubs create a tower or beans and meat and verdant salsa…

And then watch his poor, sweet, blonde, ever loving head blow off.  Those peppers were HOT.  HOOOOTTTT.

He’s a brave man. He finished the bowl.

7.  Take a tiny, teensy nibble of one stray pepper.  Consider sticking entire head in ice cream container.

Seize the day, ya’ll.


Do you have a favorite meal to share?  Something that was a roaring hit?  Something to give us hope that one day our toddlers might eat our food?

Or, do you want to share some horrible, searing failure that is so wonderfully bad it will make all the rest of us feel better just by reading it???  🙂  Send it in!  I’ll make sure to post whatever is most yummy (or mortifying) and send you a free puppy (well, maybe not the puppy).

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