Friday Funny

We are adorable and well-behaved. Until we’re not.

See these sweet cherubs?  The bestest boys in the whole wide world,  I tell you.

They practice, every morning, in the mirror – the cuteness.

So polite.

So kind.

So thoughtful.

So clean.

So… good heavens I am so full of it.

My boys are toddlers.  Toddlers wreak havoc.  It’s part of their contract.  They come flying out of that uterus and BOOM, the havoc contract is signed and sent.  And you know what is the best part?   This clause here:

Wherein the first party (Blonde, or Wee Red) has agreed to come out of the uterus and basically be cute and adorable until year two and one half, the second party will agree to keep first party on the premises for said time.

Therein first party then has full clearance to lose his ever-loving mind over things like:

Oatmeal that is too cold.

Oatmeal that is too warm.



Potties (both in general and upon)

The train tracks that must be built a certain way or, evidently, the Apocalypse WILL occur.

At this point, the second party has a choice to back away slowly, or gear up and deal.  Putting said toddler out on the street corner with “FREE” sign is not an option.  That is so not in my contract.  I get it.  But sometimes… if the weather was warmer… I might eye the corner and then the kid, and weigh my options.

So here is something to hopefully make you laugh, you toddler owners.  Chin up, it will get better.  It’s in their contract.  Just don’t read down to:

Part 3:  The Teen Years.

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