Monday Manuscript


So, yesterday the Blonde spilled his hot cocoa.   And from there, I decided it was time to organize my attic.

Stay with me.  Watch the wonder that is Momsie’s mind at work:

1.  Hot cocoa spills on floor in kitchen.  EVERYWHERE.

2.  Husband proceeds to start cleaning up cocoa with a light dusting of grumbling.

3.  Momsie tries to assist as best as she can but is so dazzled by watching hubs clean that she can only stand and hold out a towel, ineffectually, but with what can only be termed as romantic thoughts for cleaning husband.  But that’s another post for another day.

4.  Husband eventually stops cleaning and wanders away to watch football (self-medication) and Momsie goes in for second shift of cocoa removal.

5.  Momsie pulls small kids’ table away from the wall and finds puzzle piece.

This is an actual dust bunny.
This is an actual dust bunny.

It’s a puzzle piece.  Covered in fur.  And sticky.  It’s probably been there for over a year since we DON’T EVEN OWN THAT PUZZLE ANYMORE.

6.  Something in Momsie snaps and she vows:  I WILL CLEAN EVERYTHING!

My stuff is sparkly! This pan completes me!

7.  And so it begins.

My house has survived the onslaught of Christmas, two toddlers, a cat with an attitude, and a husband who redefines “Must keep all small pieces of paper that I empty out of my pockets because one of those miniscule pieces of twisted and crumpled bits might, just MIGHT, be a formula for solving World Peace.”

It’s time to spring clean.   In January.  Of course.

Here’s some visual proof that a Big Organization Intervention is due:

photo 2 (6)
Don’t judge. You all know you have a room like this.

The room above is what we like to call the “Blue Room.”  Not because each time I walk into it I start muttering despair (which I do)  but because the walls are, like, BLUE.  Yep, I know. We are suuuuper creative at Momsie house.  Right now, the Blue room is stuffed full of The Boxes that Held Christmas.  And laundry that keeps fooling around and procreating.  But hey!  There’s my coffee cup!! From three days ago! I just spotted it!  I have been looking all over for that thing!

And here is my “Sewing Room.”  We call it the “Sewing Room”  because a long time ago I bought a sewing machine and I put it in there.

photo 4 (1)
Looks so innocent, doesn’t it?

Wait for it…

photo 3 (2)
The horror… the HORROR…

The “Sewing Room” has slowwwwly morphed into the “Put it in the Sewing Room I’ll deal with it later” room.

Again.  Here is where I get a bit indignant – don’t you tssk tssk me.  YOU HAVE A ROOM LIKE THIS, DON’T YOU?

*small voice* Right?

Anyhow.  Once when I had no children I bought a book on organizing my life.  And I put the book away, swore I would “get to it” one day, and then had children and lost my ever-lovin’ mind.  I barely had time to keep us in underwear and milk (not necessarily in the same places) for about three years.  My sons were born 18 months apart, nearly to the day, and I have been a bit BUSY.  THUS, THE “SEWING ROOM”!

photo 1 (7)

Well, I found the book the other day.  It’s Organize Now, by Jennifer Ford Berry.  Isn’t it the cutest thing? It looks like a little planner! And it’s green and pink!  And, it will “simplify your space AND your life!”  If you are interested, the author has a fabulous website – click here to see her marvelous ideas!

I adore it.  I haven’t actually READ it all yet, but I adore it.    For example:

“Chapter One: Organize Your Mind.”
It is actually possible. (Uh, subtitle is mine.)

So… I’ll keep you posted.  Each chapter covers a week from the year.  We start with the “Mind”  (actually bit scared to tackle that first, but you gotta start somewhere I guess) and then on to things like “Things” and “Papers” (my husband is gonna LOVE that chapter) and “Storage Areas” and on and on…  I think my favorite chapter is entitled:  “Organize your Pregnancy.”  BOOM.  Done!  Check that sucker off the list.  Anyone who has two boys within 18 months of each other and is forty-notgonnatellyous years old gets to say DONE on that one.

Seriously, this book is awesome. It covers it ALL.  I will keep you posted on my weekly sojourn into a clean mind, heart, and home.  What better week to start?

Now, I am going to go take a nap.  The Mind needs its rest. It has a lot of work to do.


  1. I have that same book. I saw it in a book store a few years ago and thought that God put it there just for me. Needless to say, you’ve gotten farther in the book than I. Maybe I should get started, too, but first I would have to find the book.

  2. Dearest Dana, This was so funny I laughed out loud…in the car at KSU waiting for Joe who is 2 1/2 HOURS late arriving back from Arizona…Bowl-ville…it is now 11:38pm and Joe was supposed to be back at 9pm! The joys of freshman college Joe.

    And here we all are, freezing in the car, and all I can think about is the fact we have a gosh darn freak-in mouse in the kitchen.

    Nothing organizes you better than cleaning out every single corner and dish and ALL THE silverware and all the utensils because of a few mouse turds…come to think of it I believe it was a small family of mouses! :-\ :-\ :-\ 😥

    And you better believe right now ALL THE ROOMS IN OUR PRETTY LARGE HOUSE ARE BEING USED FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN THEIR ORIGINAL DESIGN! Organization: not my gift, not in my genes, not in the cards…but I seem to find time to have fun!

    I love you, and I am so proud of you Dana…your writing is wonderful…maybe it’s time to look over all your blogs…and write a BOOK?

    Your affectionate sister, Jenni PS I’ll illustrate? 😛

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    Momsieblog wrote:

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