Tuesday Takeout


You know, there are days when Momsie is feeling all “I’m SO ON TOP of ALL of THIS!”  She’s having one of those Katy Perry “I’m the champion, hear me ROAR” kinda days.  You know those days. The ones where you can only HOPE you see someone at the grocery because you are having good hair, working some sassy shoes, AND you are in a good mood at the same time (a miracle in itself).

Yesterday was not one of those days.

In fact, by about 2 pm I was ready to put on my jammies and stick my head in a good book and call it good.  One little problem though (well, two).  I have toddlers.  They don’t get it when I try to explain: “Momsie does not have the eye of the tiger.  She needs a break.  She kinda has the feeling she might be on the wounded wildebeest path of life right now.  In fact, could you bring Momsie some hot cocoa?  With marshmallows?  Please?  I’ll be here under this large blanket of self pity. ”

Let me explain a bit further:

Once, a long long time ago, Momsie used to wear shoes like this:

Do you remember that chick who used to wear us? She was, like, so cute. Totes cute.

I know, right?  Sooooo adorbs.  And sooooo UNBELIEVABLY UNCOMFORTABLE.   But still, I wore ’em. I would trip through my outing in my sweet little pink metallic strappy torture devices, grimacing and trying to maintain basic conversation without tears.

  Now?  Now I wear shoes like this:

What? I’m practical. I might make her look like she has Hobbit feet but dude I’m orthopedic. I don’t quite know what that means but it’s important.

Yesterday was a comfort day. A hobbit shod, ugly brown practical shoe kinda day.  I needed to get comfortable and dive into some comfort food.  The dish that followed was not pretty.  But, it was COMFY.

Leftover Turkey and Dressing *Backwards Shepherd Pie Casserole Thing:

Lightly oil or butter a casserole dish.  Layer with leftover (or fresh) mashed potatoes (I added butter and milk to mine to make them extra gloppy with goodness.  I have also been known to use cream cheese in them when I have some leftover from various dips or such.  Oh, and one time I added some sour cream and onion dip I had stashed in the back of the ‘fridge.  DIVINE.)

De-bone any leftover turkey you have, or chicken or whatever meat item you would like:  nestle it happily into its soft mashed potato nest.

Add a thick layer of leftover gravy (I used the leftover gravy that I make COPIOUS amounts of at Christmas for this very reason. I swear, I would DRINK that gravy if I could get away with it without thoroughly disgusting my family and probably losing my readership.  Homemade turkey gravy is super easy and super good – nothing like the packets you buy at the store and add water to.  BUT:  I would certainly use the packet if I did not have any home-made or any frozen stock on hand.)

After that, I found out that I was OUT of home-made stuffing.  OH GOOD GRAVY.  (Nice pun, eh?)  And I didn’t even have a Stove Top mix handy!  (Which is not a bad substitute; I just vehemently recommend you add onion and celery sautéed in butter, adds so much flavor).  Here’s what I did:  sautéed my onion, celery, and a pinch of garlic. Cubed up some bread, added it in to the butter to toast, crumbled in a tablespoon or so of dried sage from my momma’s garden.  DONE and YUM.)

Layer top of casserole w/ stuffing. Throw in the oven at 350 until bubbly – about 30 min or so.  Let cool for about 10 minutes before you try to eat it!  It’s soooo good you won’t want to wait. Trust me, I know.  But comfort food is not comfortable once it seals itself to the roof of your mouth in molten lava stage straight from the oven.

I’m not pretty, but I’m goooooood.

This casserole is kinda perfect.  Creamy rich potatoes, with the tender turkey and then a nice crisp buttery crunch of stuffing?  It is simply the best.

Ok, so that’s it.  My comfy jammie wearin’, simple shoe, wool sock, hoodie sweatshirt, no makeup, so done with this day kinda meal.


*The casserole would like to state that it’s “backwards” in the sense that I like to put my mashed potatoes on the bottom of my shepherd’s pie.  I know, it’s not truly a shepherd’s pie, I guess, then, but the mashed potatoes stay nice and creamy.  And what shepherd would argue with that?

*Again, the casserole REALLY wants to make it clear that it is not “backwards” in any other sense.  Truly, this casserole is very insecure.  We should put it out of its misery and just eat it.

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