Daily 4:8


I have been purging this whole house – boxes and bags of clothes, toys, tortilla makers, old bikinis…

OUT, OUT, darn STUFF! 

I’m Spring Cleaning in a month that cannot decide if it’s Spring or still big, bad Blizzard-time.  This has not deterred me, and I have tackled every room in this house.  My favorite space conquered?  MY room.  Not my bedroom, but my sweet little craft room that is my hideaway spot.  I go there to write and read in the mornings, when it’s not stuffed full of leftover Christmas decorations and old baby blankets that I can’t abandon.

I love the space.  It is ALL mine.  It reminds me to breathe, and be still, and, yes, Simplify (even though it is stuffed full with books and writing and my grandmother’s old hats.  Still, it’s MY stuff.  My precious, toddler un-touched, stuff.)  AND, did I mention, IT HAS A LOCK ON THE DOOR!

Screenshot 2014-03-12 12.19.40

Screenshot 2014-03-12 12.19.23

But it is, after all, only things.

It’s not a life.

Here is where I start my mornings:


And here is how I start my mornings:


One of the items I found in all my boxes and sacks to sort:  a bag of items from my brother, and his bible.

This is a good life.  🙂

Psalm 143:8


  1. Awww!! What a beautiful little reward for tackling your spring cleaning. A precious treasure, indeed.

  2. Yes!! That is how i felt!! I had forgotten about the bag.. and bammo. God blessed me. 🙂 A good cry and then onward to feeding toddlers. Such is life.

  3. I love this! Spring cleaning here also–feels good to get rid of all that stuff (and vow not to replace it; we’ll see how that goes–ha)!.So glad you found a treasure. 🙂

  4. My mother used to turn the house upside down with spring cleaning. When I was a young homeowner, I thought I had to do the same every spring and fall. Now I just purge frequently…a drawer here, a closet there. It’s not as daunting.

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