Linking with Lisa-Jo Baker as a flash mob of writers this Friday.  We’re given a prompt and then we write, without worry about whether it’s just right.  Join us by clicking the link?

Today’s prompt:  CROWD

My children like to step on things. Namely, they like to step on me.

I sit on the couch, typing madly as they play in front of me, a mess of blocks and toys and legos decorate every surface.  My brain feels as cluttered.  About every four minutes, one of them comes over to me, promptly stands on my feet, and squirms past my computer, eyes locked on mine, grubby breath all over me.

At times this is cute.  At other times it kinda makes me want to scream.

I don’t get a lot of space.  Toddlers suck up space and make it all their own – they own rooms, toys, moms, time, naps, no naps, sleep, beds, mommy and daddy’s sleep, all the hugs and kisses they can get.  They own our kitten with a fierce love, albeit sometimes misguided, as they hug onto his neck just a bit too tight.  “GENTLE!!!!”  I roar.

I would like to roar the same for me – “GENTLE!” as they jump on my tummy as I try to do situps (rather apathetically, I must admit).  “GENTLE WITH MOMMY!” when they run past and kick over my tea or at my shins, or at some project that I must. get. done.

Toddlers don’t understand, they must crowd and push and sit upon.  They simply must, because to touch and conquer and talk to every second is way of them seeing and understanding and loving.  And getting love.

They smush me.

I shut the computer and smush back.  Thank you Lord Jesus for my children and all their bulldozer skills.  I love them.  Help me to be gentle with their hearts, with their unabashed, glorious, absolutely no clue about personal SPACE kinda love.  Give me more space in my heart.  Crack open my day for them.  Help me to be like You, for them.

But could we work on the part where they always stand on my feet?


    • Thank you! I had to write this without editing or changing (via Lisa Jo’s rules) so I am glad you liked it! it was rather nice to just type away and see what happens. 😉

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