Throwback Thursday: #NetflixKids and #Streamteam


Ya’ll, look at us.  We’re tan.

Oh, and, we’re getting married.  🙂

My beloved is about to delicately place cake in my mouth because I had warned him:  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU TRY TO BE ALL FUNNY AND SMOOSH CAKE AT ME.  YOU WILL RUE THE DAY.  RUE IT. 

The newly acquired husband listened.  In fact, he is a pretty good listener on all sorts of things.  Even now, after alllll these years.   He even says, “Yes, dear,” to my requests without irony or sarcasm.  I am so steeped in sarcasm that I kinda think the potential for snark is constant, but nope. Not with the hubs.  He is incapable of snark. It’s WEIRD.

Anyhow, did I ever tell you that I really, really wanted Johnny Cash to be played at our wedding?  (Just stay with me here, it will all tie together in a bit, even the #NetflixKids part.)   Yes, I really did.  The sweet church lady who was helping me arrange our wedding was a bit… nonplussed by the suggestion.  So far I had hit many walls with this helpful, albeit VERY VERY VERY traditional organizer lady.  I shoulda known.   When I met her, the first thing I noted was the VERY VERY VERY impressive bee-hive hairdo, circa 1962, and the fact that she really REALLY did look a bit like this:

Bless her heart.


Here’s how our meetings went:

Me:  I would like sunflowers at all the tables, and some gingham tablecloths… you know, a country wedding look!

Church lady:  Sniff.  Gingham?

Me:  Here’s a tissue.  Yes, gingham, blue checked.  Like the outfit that Mary Ann wore in Gilligan’s Island.  You know, vintage but sassy.

CL:  (Confused by my crazy tangents) Gilligan’s… What?

Me: Right!  And we’re not going to have cake.


Me: Nope!  We’re going to have PIE.  Pie at every table!  Pie for everyone!  YOU get a pie! and YOU get a pie!!  You know…

CL:  Now you’re doing Oprah.  That car episode hasn’t even aired yet.  Your readers are going to get even more confused.  And pie is tacky.

Me:  Ok.  So we’ll have cake too.  I know, someone has to cut cake and we eat it and everyone takes pictures and if you do that with blueberry pie it might stain my dress.  I get it.

CL:  I’m still confused about the Mary Ann thing.

Me:  BUT.  This is important.  I want Johnny Cash to be played when we come down the aisle.

CL:  (No response, but the light is glinting off her glasses and she kinda looks like she’s about to explode.)

Me:  Please?

CL:  Johnny… CASH?

Me:  RIGHT!  That’s what HE said:  You know, “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash“!  That’s the ticket!

CL: No.

Me: Please????


Me:  “Ring of Fire”?

CL:  (strangled noises)

Me:  “Jackson”???

CL:  And the beehive just exploded.


Anyhow…  What really transpired is a nice collection of hymns that dear Mr. Cash sang for us as we waltzed down the aisle.  No “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout” for us.  This is probably for the best, since the song doesn’t exactly describe wedded bliss.

Sigh. But it would have been cool.


Yes, you say, that’s all cute and stuff.  But how in the heck does this at all connect to #NetflixKids?


Because, dear readers, I just found this throwback gem the other day:






In honor of Throwback Thursday, I was dialing up some Classic Sesame Street episodes, looking for my favorite Bill Cosby moments when I found… THE MAN IN BLACK.

I haven’t been this excited since I found out Jack Nicholson was on The Andy Griffith Show not once, but TWICE.  (I’m not kidding, you can look it up.)


Screenshot 2014-04-17 11.06.20


Cuddle up with all the classics: Bill Cosby, Madeleine Kahn, Lena Horne, and so many other time-honored moments. My boys love them, as do I!  I am, after all, getting close to being classified as vintage.


And, in true #TBT fashion, enjoy:



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