Monday Manuscript and Organize Now!

photo 1 (7)Oh little green book of organizing wonders, I have missed you!

Well, sorta.

As you remember, I had been working my way through Jennifer Ford Berry’s book with great intentions.  And no medication was needed!  I just stalwartly followed her instructions about goals and plans and such, and kept calm and organized, I tell you.

Until…  Summertime.

For me, Summertime seems to have the same effect on me as eating s’mores:  Sticky but fun.  Lots of prep work involved.  Pokey things.  And you sure don’t want to do anything industrious after because holy cow SUGAR.  Summer is the same.  It’s fabulous but it gets me all sticky and I just like to sit around in the sun and say things like, “Oh, I’ll get to those eight loads of laundry ina minute.  But first.  Let me paint my toenails with Mac’s Quiet Time (If stressed: Stare at toes.), and then I simply must google the lyrics to Cheeseburger in Paradise.”


The innocuous little chapter about the finances?  It was where I hit a snag. We had to take at least three weeks for that one because I have issues with courage and money and (gulp) budgeting and stuff.  It’s a tough thing, to be me at times.  My husband and I had this conversation recently:

Me:  I really need to start working on our budget.

Hubs: Yep!  Have you collected receipts?

Me: Those pieces of paper?  Yes, well, (sniffle) there’s so many of them…  they’re all crinkled….  this is hard.

Hubs:  No problem!  Just keep going and we’ll get a spreadsheet worked up.  I love spreadsheets!

Me: Spreadsheets.  They are  also hard.

Hubs:  Hmmmm.  I can help you?  Would you like a candy bar when we’re done?

Me: (Ears perking.)  Kit Kat?

Hubs:  Sure, honey.


Our marriage is based on chocolate bars and lots of circular conversations.  It works for us.


So, I am a bit slow on the organizing the finances part.  This is mainly because I am convinced that facing money issues versus just pretending we have Warren Buffet’s checkbook (is he at ALL related to Jimmy Buffet? I have always wondered.  That would be cool.)  is a much better route than, you know,



Summertime.  Summertime blows my ever-loving mind, I tell you.

Know why?




Also, I take my children with me.  Which means:


It kinda cuts into my being productive and running a smooth ship.

Well, to be honest, my ship was never exactly smooth…  Our household kinda ran on the “Hey!  We’re not on the Titanic lifeboat yet! Bonus!! Anchors aweigh!” kind of ship.

This week, I am combining the following chapters from Berry’s book:

Organize Your Receipts (yes, those annoying, crinkley things)

Organize Your Files


The good news:  both areas of our household have been nudged/purged/tidied enough by me that taking them both on this week will probably be a snap.

The bad news:  I will eventually have to tackle the husband’s strange filing system.  Over the years I have sloooowly taken over many of his attempts at household management because I am the Master Of This Universe, buddy, and also:  He is an Engineer, albeit a Cute One, and For the Most Part I Just Don’t Get Him.


Perhaps it would be a good idea to demonstrate a little marital compromise this week.  I’ll stock up on Kit Kats and make sure to communicate my system.

Wish me luck.

*The lawyer would like to remind me that just because someone does something differently does not mean it’s Wrong.  He also suggested that marriage should not be based on bribery and miscommunication.  I did try to give him a Kit Kat, but he would have none of it.

The weirdo.





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