‘Tis the Season for a Book Giveaway!

I am grateful for endless pictures of cats in pilgrim hats.


Did you know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving?

As is the tradition, tomorrow I will post a list of my Top Ten Things I am Most Grateful For (and yes, I know that ends with a preposition, grammar friends. Don’t hate the player, hate the game).


Anyhow. Today I am grateful for this blog, and writing, and fellow writing friends who get this life, and why sitting down with a glowing screen or a pencil and paper is as much a part of our day as flossing (which implicates, then, that we writers have great dental health on top of our ability to alliterate a lot – ’tis true!)

Anyhow. Would you like to get a free book out of all this gratitude? And then you could be grateful, too?


Franziska Macur has written a sweet gem of a book about celebrating Advent in a way that is meaningful and magical. Your younguns will love it – each day of advent is a short chapter in the book, with additional discussion questions. It’s  a simple, rich, wonderful way to celebrate Advent.

Before the season starts to rev up, with shopping and decorating and baking and parties, enter below for our giveaway, and perhaps Charlie and Noel can help you keep your center.

Here’s the deal:

1. If you would like to enter – leave a comment below about your favorite tradition that you have as a family at Christmas!

2. For an additional entry, go to Franziska’s blog, Home, Naturally and “like” and comment to enter! Click here!

3. You can also go to my facebook page, Momsieblog, and “like” there for one more chance to win! Click here!


Giveaway will go through Thanksgiving Day. A winner will be announced Friday the 28th.

Now, go forth and enter. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my readers.

And remember this: I am forever grateful for YOU.







  1. My grandfather built a wooden turkey with little holes in its rear end. Every year, we put gumdrops on toothpicks and make the turkey’s tail! He passed away when my dad was only 10, so it’s pretty awesome to still have a way to incorporate something he made into our traditions 45 years later.

  2. Every year at cjristmas time, we go and get a christmas tree from a tree farm. We did this when I was a kid, and we do this now with our kids.

  3. haha – I love cultofezzell’s comment….a gumdrop turkey butt?! I’m hitting ebay right now to find my own!

    Now that my toddler is old enough to get jazzed about Christmas, my husband and I sat down to discuss Santa gifts for this year and realized we come from Opposing Camps on the Santa gift thing. His family’s tradition was that Santa gifts were always wrapped in special paper that didn’t get used for any other gifts (and apparently his mom kept that roll of paper well-hidden year-round so as to preserve the magic). My family’s tradition was for Santa gifts to be placed unwrapped beneath where each of our stockings would hang….that way it was the first thing you saw on Christmas morning. So what’s a divided house to do??!?

    One new tradition I am starting – earlier this month I found an adorable metal tube stenciled with “Letters to Santa” on the side. I’ll be hanging it on our tree, and that’s where my kids can “mail” their letters to Santa. The next morning the letter will be gone (of course, lovingly saved by Mommy!) and some small acknowledgement from Santa will be left for the kids in its place. Can’t wait to begin this new tradition for my family!

  4. Christmas Eve church service with all the same songs and lighting the candle for Silent night. I love every minute. 🙂

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