Winner Winner Chicken, NOT Turkey, Dinner!!



Ok, I really don’t want another turkey dinner. I ate so much turkey yesterday that I sort of just slid around the rest of the night. Slid to the couch. Slid off the couch to get water. Slid upstairs to bed. Slid into the sheets. Dreamed of angry turkeys, slid outta bed this morning…

You get the idea.

BUT, enough about me. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

After a very scientific drawing of names (hat, paper slips, very upscale) our winner of Charlie and Noel is:


I will be sending you a book pronto, my friend. Thank you all for your sweet comments. Oh the traditions! I love it.

Here is my favorite tradition for our family thus far:

I decorate tastefully with all the sweet, antiques from my grandma and my mom.  And then my boys come in and mess with it all and add a plastic dinosaur or two.

And so it goes.

Happy post Thanksgiving Day friends. Stay grateful. It’s the only way to survive.

Don’t let a turkey tell you otherwise.




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