To Every Thing There is a Season’s Greetings


I have been working hard on the book.

Do you have any idea how cool that is to say?  A book! And, this week, my friends, it is DUE. This Friday I am going to send it all, over two hundred pages of mah big crazy story, to my editor.

My editor, incidentally, is awesome.

Do you have any idea how cool it is to say THAT?

She is. She is kind and patient and has told me, repeatedly, “Yes, this is actually real, Dana,” with the air of someone spoon-feeding someone in the home…

Anyhow, I won’t be around this week. I get up at five am, I write when they boys are at school. I write in the tiny pockets of time that are awarded to me when both boys are playing kindly (a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!) and then I think about all that writing while I am doing other things, which, you know, is all of the OTHER time. This is just a season of extra busy-ness for me, right now. And when it’s over, what in the world will I do then?

So, last night, as I was making spaghetti sauce and trying to help Blonde spell “Christmas” and make sure Henry actually washes AND flushes, I ended up adding two more chapters in my head.

Because, sureTo+Survive+-+You+Must+Tell+Stories+Quote, I’VE GOT THE TIME.

This week, I probably won’t be around much.

Or, if I obsessively tweet pictures of kitties in Santa hats, you’ll know I might be going a little nutty. (The lawyer would like to interject here that the term “going” and “gone” are verrrrrry close and all that. Oh, he’s clever. I would like to interject about coal and stockings and Grinching yourself into a giftless corner, and all that.)

At any rate, I realize this post has absolutely no purpose except to share with you the progress on my book. And to also tell you, I am so grateful. The book is a gift; this blog is a gift; as I sit and write when it’s still dark outside and glance over at my glowing Christmas tree, I am just so thankful. I had a life once that was all walls and sharp corners and bitterness and despair. And now? Well, it’s certainly not all unicorns and rainbows, but the Big Book talks about “happy, joyous, and free” and it’s true.

As Ebenezer said,  “I don’t deserve to be so happy. (laughing) But, I can’t help it. I just can’t help it.”










  1. Stopping by from Kelly’s #raralinkup. So excited for you about your book! That first one brings awesome emotions. (Mine is sitting on the shelf Waiting. 😦 ) I pray your book does well! Enjoy the ride! 😀

  2. How exciting about the book! I want to know more…who are you publishing with, details, when is it coming out?! Praying over this for you! Cheering you on to completion. Thanks for joining the Link up!

  3. Sharing the progress of YOUR book is a pretty good purpose in my mind. Way to go! It sounds like you’re working hard. Wishing you the time that you need this week to get things done. 🙂

  4. This is a very encouraging read! Congratulations on your book! I am starting a book too – but it is overwhelming to know where I am going with it. I know next to nothing about publishing… If you can give an advice to a fellow aspiring writer, please share! Great linking up with you! God bless 🙂

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