I was really not prepared for children.

And still, to this day, when one of them says, “Mom?” I tend to look around and over my shoulder. “Me?”

Linking in with Heading Home today for Five Minute Friday. Today’s word:

FMF-Prepare-12.12.2014-300x300It is a tough word. I have lists and organizers and calendars and lots of glorious plans, all the time, for everything. But even so, more often than not, I don’t really feel prepared.

About three weeks ago my pastor asked me if I would prepare a monologue and perform it for the church. This is just crazy talk, I thought.

Then, he said, my monologue would be scheduled for the Christmas Eve Service – the “big kahuna” of services, you know. The one with all the candles and Silent Night and usually me weeping with the beauty of it. If I get mixed in with that, won’t it kind of be like singing all those beautiful carols accompanied by a kazoo?

No, wait there’s more. THEN he said, “I want you to play Mary.”

Ok. Sure.

Of course I said yes, because he’s my pastor. He’s a man of God and all that.

Perhaps later when I was trying on Mary costumes (drab… poor Mary) I started to think, “Really. ME? Perhaps there might be a better candidate out there?”

I am so not prepared.

But here’s the deal. I wonder all the time now, “How did she feel? How did she DO this? How did she?”

And then I realize. None of us is prepared.

God’s glory and love is so huge and astonishing, it should lay us out on our faces every day.


And also note: whenever my hubs and I get in a “discussion” now, I just look beatific and say, “Hey. Don’t mess with Jesus’s mom.”


  1. I really enjoyed your style of writing. Found you through Five Minute Friday and I’m planning on sticking around. As someone who had her first baby at 32 I can’t fathom being 14 and God telling me that I would be the mother of Son of God.

  2. Nice way to end an argument! LOL! #FortheWIN Praying for you as you prepare (ya see what I did there?) …I am sure it will be wonderful and wonder-filled! Merry Christmas!

  3. Since my pastor’s first advent sermon (he’s really hitting the waiting hard this year), I cannot stop thinking of Mary. “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant has been perpetually stuck in my head. I never ever ever ever feel prepared for anything as a mom, but at least my husband and I were able to wait until we wanted to have children and make that choice, and at least I’m not the world’s only pregnant virgin. I can’t imagine how lonely that must’ve felt, how hard it must’ve been on both Joseph and Mary.

  4. “None of us is prepared.” Only by the grace of God go I! Seriously. I don’t even know how he landed me where I am. Without him, I would likely be dead. He prepares us for his work. Thanks for this! I love your humor and your truth woven together. Cheering you as you cheer about our Lord.

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