What a Wonderful World

Linking up with Five Minute Friday today. The theme is:

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So this summer my boys and I have been having “Science Club!” every Monday and Friday. I call it “Science Club!” with a ! because it’s very exciting! We are having a club! About sciencey stuff! We might do assperiments! Because, its’ Science Club!

No waning of enthusiasm here, I promise. Just a bit of snark because my boys can’t pronounce “experiments.”

I share the teaching gig with my friend Kate – she is our pastor’s wife, so she is SUPER spiritual and, like, OUT OF THE PARK, on the ball with apologetics, and basically, she has a bit of a holy glow about her.

(Yes, that was a bit more snark, but she really does know her bible. It comes with the job, pastor’s wife, I think. She doesn’t actually glow, though.)

Anyhow. Today is Science Club! in two hours. And I am supposed to teach:


Very Exciting Stuff!!

And as I’m sitting here, with my coffee (third cup), and my tired brain, this is all I can come up with:

I want to have ’em watch Bananarama’s “I’m Your Venus” video, and have them dance around.

BOOM. *drops mic*

Best. Teacher. Everrrrr.

hqdefaultCropped shirts! Excessive blonde highlights! Awesome. Oh, and also this:

hqdefault-1Completely appropriate for a group of small boys, right? It’s LEARNING, y’all. It’s Science Club!

Ok, so, no Bananarama. Sigh. 80’s music does have a solid place in teaching my children, true. But not today.

In truth, this Science Club! business has been more for me than for them. It’s given me some patterns to our week. And, lo, it has taught me things like this:

One day on Mercury (sunrise to sunrise) is longer than one year on Mercury (one orbit around the Sun). Mercurian Year: A year on Mercury takes 87.97 Earth days; it takes 87.97 Earth days for Mercury to orbit the sun once.

And yes, I quoted that from Wikipedia. I had to, because…

Wait, WHAT? Say that again?

Yep, I learned stuff like that. Stuff that makes me tilt my head all to the side like a confused puppy and then sum it all up with, “So… Mercury is weird, right?”

This whole planet thing? It’s all so beyond me. It’s all so huge. The sun, y’all, is HUGE. ONE of its sun-spots is bigger than our planet. Did you know that?

Oh… it’s all so huge. I know some of this – I remember learning it. But it’s good to be reminded.

We are small. He is BIG. He made it all. He is forever and forever. Amen.

Oh what a world. What a world!

c8742f6570a3bda21104a6c1ab892fa5.1000x664x1“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”  William Shakespeare

One comment

  1. So, I’m reading this and thinking: BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! She should do an experiment to see how long her children can dance to the theme song!

    And then I got “Bill! Bill! Bill!” in my head and childish laughter.

    But seriously, you know it would be funnn! He probably talks a lot mercury and the earth being huge. 😉

    Just a suggestion…

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