A Favor

Tomorrow, I leave at 4 am for the airport, and then I fly to Maryland.

There, I will be speaking at this conference: W3-Video-Graphic

I have been working on my presentation for days. I keep waking up at around three a.m. with really brilliant ideas… and then I look back at those ideas in the morning light and go, “Wow. Really?” I am not kidding. Last night I had an idea involving my KU snuggie. Like, wearing it. I know. I don’t really know what I was going for on that.

Anyhow. I think I am a bit wonky about all this.

I mean, I have got to go in there, all Sobriety Ninja Woman! and SAVE THE DAY!

It’s not me. It’s God. He has this and He is the one that saves the day. Not me. So, prayerfully working on this workshop and realizing, too, that every time I do one of these things I learn a TON about myself, my teeny tiny faith, God’s huge, omnipotent power, and everything in between.

I ask a favor. If you are the praying sort, would you? Would you pray for this conference? For the broken ones (I am on that list) and the scared ones (yep, on that one too) and the ones in charge of all the details (thanking my lucky stars I am NOT on that one).

Would you pray? For peace and strength and courage. For courage. For all of us. To show up, to be real, to accept healing. To accept God’s love. Would you pray?

The conference is this Friday and Saturday. We (the workshoppers) want to give our presentations, but I know, what we really want? Is to get out of the WAY and let God take us where He wants us to go.




Thank you. I love you, my readers. It is such a blessing to have you. You encourage me so much more than you know. And, also, I am pretty sure you would be kind enough to tell me NOT to do a presentation while wearing a Slanket. SO not a good idea.

But… what about my idea about telling my recovery story, using sock puppets? Do you think I should try that? Hmmm?

(Just kidding. This idea had me at hello at four am the night before last. Sanity returned in the morning. Well, as far as sanity can return to me, I guess.)



  1. You are certainly in the prayers of the broken and scared neighbor across the street. And I think sock puppets are a great idea, so long as one of them has a mohawk.

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