Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My.




But, since it’s Five Minute Friday, Kate says I just have to write. And not second guess. Too much.

I am afraid a lot. I drive in the car, with two small ones all packaged up in coats and gloves and hats and all the things they need to protect them from the cold and the radio tells me another shooting. Another mass grave found. Another argument about refugees.

People killing people at abortion clinics – because the doctors in there  kill babies. You know. Because that totally makes sense. That solves it.

Sorry. I’m stepping into an area I don’t often venture – politics, religion, AND hmmm, let’s see… what else can I attach to this to make it more, um, divisional?

We are so swamped with choice – we fight for it. We choose what our bodies do, what we can dispose of, what we can embrace, what gender we are, we choose our drugs, our guns, our news stations to watch because we are sure they are telling the truth… We choose our gods, our jobs, our battles.

We choose to spout and spew on facebook. We choose to write blog posts about how frustrated we are with choice. We can, because, well, we CAN. We can do it all here. We can have a voice that spreads out over the internet with such passion and conviction. We choose OUR SIDE, every day.

We choose to bail out. To step up. To agree. To argue. To hate.

I take my kids to the store and all the stuff stacked up on the shelves around me reminds me that we can give our kids SO MANY CHOICES about it all, pink Barbies and plastic guns and this zombie video game or that one.

We get mad at the choice people have to buy guns, but we also get very very mad when we are told we cannot exterminate our own babies.

Oh boy. I am so going to make some people mad. But. It’s my choice.

I know. This is not your typical momsie post. I am afraid today, and I thought I would tell you. I am also telling you all this because I want you to know:

If you disagree with the stuff I said, I get it. I am not sure where I am on all this anger we have, and all these choices. I know that I am tired of yelling. I know also that most people make decisions based on their hearts, their life experiences, their stories, and who am I to tell them these things are not valid?

I do have one more choice to make today, and that is to believe, really believe, that people are good.

I know that we also fraught with sin and serious anger issues and addiction and idols and basically some really messed up lives – it is all around us, this world is a fallen, tangled mess.

So, how can both exist at the same time? Which is it? People are good? Or people are evil? Which do we choose?

I guess I picture it this way: one day, I am going to be in heaven, hanging out with my brother. He messed up big time and died because he couldn’t or wouldn’t quit drinking and we can all sit around and debate for ages whether what he did was bad or not, but he died despite of the debate. And Chris and I are going to be sitting with Jesus, and He is going to say:

“You loved each other. You both had strong convictions about all these things (where Chris nods his head vehemently and starts in on his opinion about Democrats, but Jesus just shushes him and continues) BUT – you still loved each other. And you listened. I remember many times where you sat at the dinner table and just talked and listened and it was good. It was good and true and right. You made a choice to listen.”

“And Chris? Up here we don’t really have Democrats or Republicans. That is something you guys came up with. Let’s go hang out and have some lunch. I hear fish is on the menu today and it’s divine.

Oh my friends. I don’t even know where to go with this post. Here I am getting mad about all the people getting MAD.

Here I am throwing around abortion and gun control and oh yes, Syrians (Like “Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!”) which I NEVER do here on Momsie, but I can’t sit still anymore. I am afraid for us!

We have to choose to listen more. And maybe choose to help and love in real ways, with our time and money and prayers. And when we say, “Pray for San Bernardino” we could also start to understand that some people think that is a curse. They feel this way because religion is their worst enemy. And it’s very possible that they have a very good reason for feeling that way. Somehow, somehow, we gotta be able to see that too. And listen.

That’s another choice to make. 

This season is all about Jesus’s choice. He chose to come to us, a poor kid, a cold and displaced child, born in a BARN for goodness sake. He chose that life.

And you know the rest of the story. He chose, also, to die for us.

This is the season to listen to His choices and His love.


  1. Wow! This was so powerful! Thank you for writing what so many of us think and feel. You’re right, we all make choices and we all get angry about what we disagree with or what we can’t support. But what about the choice to love in spite of our fear and anger? Yes, the world is messed up and it’s not fair, and things will never go the way we believe they should. But we can make a difference. The difference starts with us and our choices. And along the way, we may just touch someone else with our love and peace.

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