Got Culture?

Newsflash: It’s still summer at our house.
We are swimming. And sweating. And playing endless games of baseball. And hunting for fireflies. And staying up way too late.
And somewhere in there, we are needing a nap, y’all.
I’m talking about me, here. Who cares about the children.

Also, this. My children are never going to leave me alone.

Their new love is making plays. Yesterday we had a matinee entitled:

Darth and Luke Do Something to the Cat.

It was supposed to be a double feature, but The Cat Strikes Back simply did not go well. As one would expect.
However, there are talks of all this being made into a movie.

My children are nutty and creative and I love them. But Lord bless it, I need to show them some real culture or I’m going to be stuck watching Luke and Darth Have No Point in This One for the rest of my summer.


Julie Andrews!!!! To the rescue! And don’t you know, if you need to be rescued from pretty much anything, she is your woman. If she can fix those eyebrows on that one girl in the Princess Diaries, then she can These are a Few of My Favorite Things—you pretty much out of any pickle. And the ever wonderful and mighty Netflix has a new show, starring Dame Andrews just for the young ‘uns:


The puppet troupe on “Julie’s Greenroom” will be known as the Greenies. Andrews’ Miss Julie character will work with the youthful puppets throughout the season to create a stage show that incorporates mime, music, dance, improv, circus arts and singing. Guest stars range from Alec Baldwin, to Joshua Bell, to (squeee!) CAROL, QUEEN OF AWESOMENESS, BURNETT.

“This project represents the fulfillment of a long held dream to educate children about the wonder of the arts,” Andrews said in announcing the show.

This show looks to be a mix of Mr. Rogers and The Muppets for me, and I find myself looking forward to it with the throwback glee of one who has longs for a simpler time. A time with puppets and singing. A time when naps would be followed by some graham crackers and milk, and for the love of Pete, also followed by a really early bedtime.

It seems I always want the wee ones to go to bed, don’t I?

Well, since this plan seems to be foiled on a nightly, late summer basis. So, here’s what Momsie will do – Culture ‘em up with a movie night!
So, I give you this gem, also on Netflix:


Here is a chance for my kids to view a REAL play, like on a REAL stage. With REAL actors and even, dare I say it, a POINT to it. Also, it is adorable. And funny. And again, did I mention that it has an actual PLOT? You’d be surprised how much that helps the flow of things.

And there you have it. The theater, and adorableness, all in one package. Something both Momsie and the kids can watch. The next thing you know, my kids will be working on a rendition of Death of a Salesman for me. I did overhear Blonde tell Red, “I am an actor, yes, but really? I want to direct.” as he headed up to bed.
Thank you for the culture and the cuteness, Netflix!

Screenshot 2016-01-27 11.14.52


  1. “It seems I always want the wee ones to go to bed, don’t I?” Are we not supposed to want that? It’s only 2 pm and I want that! 🙂

    And the Julie show seems fun! Gotta love puppets/muppets.

    And I do have “My Favorite Things” running on a loop in my head now. Which is better than the Animaniac’s theme that was there before.

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