The Dance Party.



So, we had a dance party at our house last night.

Here is what I am observing about dance when it involves a seven and nine year old:

You can’t snicker while you watch them. You just can’t. They totally pick up on it. And then, the dancing is over, and that’s sad.

Red dances like he’s Ellen from Seinfeld. This is a feat to behold and also makes me wonder if he needs medication but you know.

Blonde goes for a much cooler approach. He just stands really still and tries to feel the beat of the music, and then, ever once in awhile he kind of erupts into spasms. I wonder if he needs medication too.

We listened to this song over five times in a row:


And then, somehow, Elsa came into the mix. She does that. She’s such a diva for attention.

Anyhow, she starts nasally crooning about the “First Time In Forever,” and then, belts out:

“Why have a ballroom with no balls?”

To which Red answers:

“What, bouncy balls? WHERE?”

And that kinda shut down the whole thing because Momsie was dissolving into giggles.

And that’s how we do dance parties at our house. It’s off the hook, yo.



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