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I spent my last anniversary playing spoons with my friends from Maine, who came all the way to Kansas to spend our most romantic night together.

Nah. Not really. They were heading on their way to see family, and they dropped in. We ate cheeseburgers and cherry pie and ice cream and I lost miserably at spoons because something happens when I multitask.

By multi-tasking I mean:

  1. cleaning up sticky plates and forks
  2. cutting more pie
  3. occasionally grabbing for a spoon
  4. watching my children laugh like crazy
  5. kissing my husband on the side of his mouth. Right on his furry beard. Because it’s extra fuzzy there.

We have been married twelve years. As Brian put it: “Twelve long, very long, LONG years.” He said this smiling and stirring his coffee and I loved the snark in him. Mostly Brian is not one with the snark. He doesn’t carry the snark well. He wears it like a suit that is a bit too loose; his shirt sleeves hanging too long over his wrists. Goofy.

By the way, I noticed that Brian smells a bit like maple syrup. So, it’s like making out with a lumberjack, really. If you’re into that kind of thing.

It was the perfect anniversary. Ever, in the history of anniversaries.

More today than yesterday. Happy anniversary my sweet man.

I think, perhaps also, the picture kinda says it all. Doesn’t it?

Because, this is Marriage. Episode #22366. And many more to come.




  1. Aw, happy 12th anniversary! I’ve had several of those multi-tasking anniversaries myself. Cherish those “sticky” years! They pass too quickly.

  2. Such a lovely description of the every day. It’s true that anniversaries aren’t always the most romantic but that doesn’t mean they can’t be lovely.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the anniversary–with friends and family. With our anniversary falling just one week before Christmas, we almost never get to celebrate it alone–or at least not on the day. 🙂 But that’s okay.

  4. Happy Anniversary! How fun to spend it with far away friends and your family. I love your candor about your hubby…it’s full of just how much you love him. That’s a very good thing. Have a great 12th year of marriage. Visiting from FMF!

  5. Happy anniversary! Love your real story and your voice and your perspective and the whole sticky thing. Reminds me so much of me a *few* years ago with little ones and many a sticky anniversary. Popping over from FMF #49 to say hi!

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