The Last Days of Summer

So, we go back to school next week.

By “we” I mean my sweet sweet little angel babies.

Somehow, the summer is almost over.

And all I can say, is


The beginning of summer starts out with us all:


Yes. I know it’s blurry but it’s summer. Summer is blurry. It’s action footage, y’all. Also, this picture is from about two years ago but does it not perfectly encapsulate the whole summer thing? Glee and water and crazy diving in. Maybe all of life should be lived this way.

Annnnd now? Summer is all:



We’re a little done.

I just offered to take Blonde to the pool and he sighed heavily and said, “No. I think I’ll just read.” That, my friends, is a sign that summer is over. I mean, look at them. Even the cat seems over it.

IMG_9041.jpgBut also, my sons are READERS! Like, they love it! Yea! (Red was reading too – he was banned from the couch however because they are both so LONG, all legs and arms and gangly and they take up ALL THE SPACE now. What am I going to do when they are in high school? We’ll have to build onto the house, I think.)

Please buy my book, people. We have to build onto the house now.


There isn’t much else to tell you except this happened:


This was my son’s baptism. He’d just had the dunkerooni and was having a moment with his dad. Look at his hair (the kid, not the dad). It’s cute.

Also, I thought I took footage of the baptism but alas, no. I seem to have a problem with actually pushing buttons correctly. This really upset me and I had to pray it through. But I will tell you this – it is forever in my memory- that sweet kid’s face as he surfaced again and gulped the air and smiled. He smiled just a little, though. Generally speaking he was pretty serious about the whole thing because that’s his style.

Red’s baptism (if he so chooses one day) will probably end with a Dab.

So, that is our summer. We are spending the final days on a technology ban (not me! Just the wee precious angels that argued with each other a bit too much last week thus no screens! Sure hope that baptism thing helped in that department, kid! We’ll see! But, it’s all grace! And no screens! At our house!).

I’m going a little crazy here, can you tell? The kids have built a blanket fort that has eaten our living room, and are now concocting “scientific experiments” in the kitchen. I dare not go in there yet. Pray for me, y’all.

But, also, there is this to remember:


And if that doesn’t sum up the Momsie I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Happy last days of summer, moms. How are YOU holding out? Is it a countdown situation, or do you cherish these final days? It’s a mix for me, but that’s mom-life.




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