Linking up with my favorite Friday people today – you know them. The Five Minute Friday crew.

The theme?


Now, there are two ways I could go with this.

I have to tell you, the first thing I thought of was John Lennon’s ode to Yoko. Many people say Yoko is the whole reason the Beatles broke up, so they are not all that fond of the woman. But the song, Woman, is just lovely. So, there’s that.

Also, give Yoko a break, ok? I always just got the feeling that Yoko did not give a flying fig what we thought of her, granted, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to the story than a woman with big hair and a lot of very, very interesting ideas about art.

But I digress.

In terms of today’s theme, I also thought of this:


This is pink lipstick that I bought, today at our local grocery store. Now, ours is a small town grocery store that does NOT have a full aisle of makeup and styling things. In fact, these items fit in in the same aisle as the trash bags, I think. There is one small area of “health and personal care” about the size of a poster board. Plus, I was looking for allergy medicine.

But, lookit. It’s so pink. 

This is the kind of color that takes commitment, y’all.

And yes, if you are getting a bit tired of this post because all I can come up with about women is pink lipstick, just please hear me out:

In the past four months or so I have embarked on an epic journey in my womanhood. It’s been groundbreaking and taken a lot of prayer, and downright terrifying at times.

I stopped coloring my hair. Yep, that I did.

I don’t really have a lot of pictures to show you this transformation but I am still saying I am glad I did it. In fact, I am SUPER glad. Here’s why:

  1. I don’t have time for this coloring nonsense. I barely have time to shave.
  2. My dad and mom and sister are all a lovely silver and I am slowly getting there!
  3. So I now refer to myself, in certain circles, as THE SILVER FOX*

Now, there are some mornings where I get up, look in the mirror, and have to take a breath or two. It can be a bit of a shock to the system, and if I didn’t sleep well I can sort of end up looking like this:


But, less fluffy.


When I decided to embrace my grey, I made a decision about Momsie and her reflection in the mirror. I decided that I loved the Momsie and all her wrinkles and grey hair and gosh darn it, if I want to wear flamingo-pink lipstick, THEN SO I SHALL.


I don’t really know why I slipped into biblical mode there, but you know. It’s important. Being a women? It’s hard. We can’t gain weight, and we have to buy all the things “anti-aging” because aging is something we need to march to the capital about, evidently. And Lord have mercy, we must be strong, but feminine, but wise, but not too loud about it, but funny, but not too loud about it, and also thin. Nothing must sag or fade or poof.

It’s daunting.

By the way, this color is officially named Flirty and Fabulous. I am not so much the first part anymore unless the Husband is around, and then you will see evidence of the flirt. In fact, I once slapped my husband’s bum whilst at church because I was all flirty and YET IT WAS NOT HIS BUM. IT WAS ANOTHER MAN’S BUM BUT I PROMISE YOU, IT LOOKED JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND’S BUM FROM THE BACK. I PROMISE.


I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? No, I was not shunned from the church for that behavior. I apologized. And then I had my husband move me to Buenes Aires for a while, and it all worked out.

But ANYHOW, I AM the Fabulous part. I have dialed back the Flirty. Definitely learned my lesson there.

But I OWN the Fabulous. I am a Woman, after all.

*Ok. Mainly just to myself.


  1. Adorable! And Yes, God help us women! I love your post because it’s candid and relevant to aging and accepting oneself. I’m pushing 40…And I have too embarked on the change up the lipstick game just this week! I too have a tiny grocer and found a “coffee” shade that is perfect. I got the last one so other ladies I figured liked it as well. I love your hair before and now. Momsie, you got it girl! Visiting from FMF. I hope you have a lovely weekend! Jenn

  2. I love your hair, and I’m super jealous. I inherited my father’s genes… he’s 70 and has gray at the temples, but mostly it’s dishwater brown. #samehere It’s so lovely… and I want to be that granny with the long flowing silver locks……. *sigh.

  3. Love your hair!! I’m not at that place yet where I will stop coloring my hair, but I’m getting close…you have inspired me! Can’t wait to get your book next week!!

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