Yes Day. And Other Moments of Glory.

Guys! It’s Yes Day.

This is a tradition at our house, brought on by a mom who saw the last dregs of summer circling the drain and decided:

By Golly We Will Make Some Memories Outta Those Dregs.

And thus, Yes Day.

But first, there’s a bit of procedure. I make sure both children have their shots and are well-hydrated. Oh and here’s a little document they have to sign:

I, Momsie, (legal guardian) of Blonde and Red (minor children with major attitude) do hereby attest that Yes Day, also known as I Have Almost Given Up, will be celebrated on the date: Monday August 13, 2018, pursuant on the following stipulations as formulated by Code 47356 under the Law 48 known as This Is Survival.

Whereas: Both minors have consistently finished their Daily Chores with Little or No Sullen Faces.

Whereas: Both minors have also managed to brush their teeth and floss and no not the dance move with Little Or No Sullen Faces also No Acting Like They Didn’t Hear Me In the First Place.

Whereas: Both minors have not asked me something repeatedly in at least the last twenty-four hours. Ok, ten. Ok, how about in the last twenty minutes. 

Whereas: I got a good night’s rest. Amen and thank you.

Whereas: It is raining and So Clearly God Has Given Us A Sign. 

Pursuant to the following of these guidelines and pursuant to the additional code 3442, the No We’re Not Going to Buy You That We’re Not Made of MONEY one, the two aforementioned minors and Momsie will embark on Yes Day.

The Undersigned certifies that the statements set forth in this instrument are basically true and correct unless Momsie decides to change them. BECAUSE SHE SAID SO, THAT’S WHY.


Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You get the idea.

Yes Day is underway. So far, there have been donuts, juice, and a lot of Wii. I can see their little brains shriveling as I type, friends. But it’s just one day, and I swear – tomorrow we will be back to cleaning things (child labor) and broccoli. Hopefully not at the same time.

They’re still in their pajamas. It’s 12:58 pm. Their synapses are all fired up on sugar and air and I think one of ’em said, at one point, “Does Steve get Yes Day too?” How thoughtful. But basically every day is Yes Day for Steve, so you know.

This is Steve’s bum. I know. It’s awe-inspiring, isn’t it? Objects in this photo are really as large as they appear.


We are off to mini golf and an arcade which shall be So Much Fun and also during this somehow I have to have an adulty and very business-like conversation with my publisher about the book tour.  (I wrote a book, did you know? A second one?)

Yes Day and Conference Calls. They do NOT go together, y’all. This will probably cause a glitch in the matrix, but I must carry on.

Also, I checked out Freaky Friday from the library. I will TRY to smush it into Yes Day somehow because that movie is awesome. Jamie Lee Curtis. Also a Silver Fox. My hero.


Pray they don’t ask for one of these atrocities with Whiny McAnnikan:


My children will find a loophole, I tell you. And yes, I even have to say ‘yes’ to Jar Jar on this day.

Pray for me, people.



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