Book release tomorrow!


Ok, first of all:

  1. I’m totally excited.
  2. Also a bit overwhelmed.
  3. Also, my twitter keeps chirping at me so I kinda envision birdies circling my head like they do in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons when Tom smacked Jerry upside the head. Cartoons used to be so violent. Not so nowadays, right? Cartoons so perfectly well-behaved now…  (snark here. I’m looking at you Sponge Bob.)
  4. Off track! Stay on target, Momsie!

So recently I was informed that you can do these new fangled things called Facebook Live. And since I do SO WELL on LIVE video, totally smooth and polished and no squeaky voice issues at ALL – I will be doing my own Facebook Live tomorrow! Would you like to join me? I’m calling it Ask Me Anything.

And during this vid… you can, well, ask me anything! Within reason, of course. I mean, if you ask me how to solve a quadratic equation or why your roses keep getting aphids I’m not there for you. But you can ask me about writing or publishing or trying to write while your children are making you nutty…. Or sobriety. Or doing sobriety while your children are making you nutty…


I am so thrilled and excited and also I promise I will probably knock over a glass of water or trip on something, so tune in! If you are interested in posting a question for me to answer early, I’ll post on Twitter and Instagram soon for you to comment with questions.

See you tomorrow!

oh my gifts! (1).png

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