Puppies on a Plane

Darling readers:

This will have to be brief. Mainly because I am about ten minutes away from a dentist appointment, and we all know that the key to massive health and happiness is good dental health.

Also I am terrified of the dentist, so you know. I’m trying to rev up the enthusiasm here.

But, I am here to show you THIS:


Why yes, that is a puppy in a suitcase. But, more importantly:


I tried to make that sentence flow a bit better, but I dunno. I lost my focus at “puppy.”


Yes. I know. I am the luckiest.

This is the thing: I am a bit leery of flying. By “leery” I mean, whenever the plane takes off, I am the one with the eyes shut, silently praying, hands gripping onto my bible, and if I could I would be possibly lighting incense and chanting. It’s not a big deal, really. I’m so totally fine. Flying is no big deal.

And so this last flight, which also had me embarking upon my book tour, I was presented with The Puppy of Light and Goodness next to me. And we bonded y’all.

He was so soft.


Oh he was a good pupper puppems, he was.

And his seat holder, the official puppy delivery air-nanny (yes, this is a thing) was super nice too. And we decided that everyone should, at least once in their lifetime, get to sit next to a Puppy on a Plane.

I get it now. All those people with their support dogs and cats and erm, hamsters? on a plane? I get it now.



I’ve talked to Steve about this and he is so ready to take on the role of Large Support Animal. But I have to tell you, (and please PLEASE don’t tell Steve) – the puppy was the BEST.

Here is a picture of Steve doing his weird face-plant nap thing that makes him look like he is in the depths of despair and no longer finds life worth living, but really it’s because he is just so solid asleep that he really could give a flying fig.



Carry on, friends. Puppies on a plane ARE a thing, and Steve is a support animal in his own way, and all is well in the world.

Oh! I was just featured on this podcast and I would love for you to listen! I recommend you subscribe – it’s a daily dose of goodness, and if you can’t have a puppy on a plane, then you can have a daily High Five.

Much love to you guys.

Remember: Perfect is for Puppies. 🙂

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