This is a picture of my last signing. 


Linking up to Five Minute Friday today, too. Because I am on FIRE and am blogging all over the place today. It’s a messy business, this blogging thing.

Today’s theme?


Lately, I have been writing stuff. A lot of stuff. I had a book come out, and then there was all this press about it, and lots to do and write and say about it, and this is all wonderful and amazing and super.

But, I think lately my writing has been sort of the chipped beef on toast variety. Meaning:

Sort of ok. Sort of good? Depending? But also a bit bland and pasty and if it sits around too long it starts to look sad.

My writing is kind of meh. Or at least it feels that way. And I think the reason is mainly due to busy-ness and a lot of upheaval and yes there was this whole Today show thing and my GOODNESS. I forgot to breathe in there somewhere. Writing needs oxygen, y’all. And it needs rest and inspiration.

Tomorrow I leave for the second leg of my book tour. Crowds galore. Speaking. Radio. No television this time and for that I praise you, Jesus, because I don’t have to suck in for four minutes straight and try to act natural because that’s just not a Momsie kinda thing.

And then, a quiet hotel room and HGTV and gallons of La Croix.

My brain feels crowded. It’s not focused on just writing – it has all sorts of other shelves and pockets and doors called Marketing and Press and Airports and Missing My Family.

These are all ok things. Some are very good things, and others, like the missing of the family part? Natural and good and heckfire if I DIDN’T miss them that would be a problem.

Here’s what I do know:

  1. Crowds are wonderful and hard.
  2. My brain is a little crowded right now, and that’s ok.
  3. Wonderful and Hard is kinda how all of life is.
  4. I will make two casseroles and a batch of brownies before I leave my boys because I am STILL convinced they will starve and start eating the pets without me.
  5. I am grateful. For all of it. Even for that TSA guy that looked at my driver’s license. Then back at me. Then down at the license. Then back at me. And then said, “Hm. Grey hair. That’s different.” And waved me on through.  Dude. I am the #silverfox



  1. Dana, your writing has not been chipped beef quality. You are a REAL bunny! How grateful I am for YOU!

  2. It’s my first visit here, and I love your playful writing voice. I really connected with crowds and life being “wonderful and hard.” It’s good to have that reminder.

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