The First Rule of Mom Club is You Can Cry in Mom Club



So, the other day I had a no-good, very bad, horrible kind of… day.

It was a hum-dinger.

There were all sorts of things at play. Things like:

  1. My wallet. It was stolen. We figured this out at around 1 am the night prior so the next day was me bouncing back and forth between anger and tired anger. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE NICE?
  2. All my gift cards were in there so have fun at Applebees, person.
  3. Inability to understand the passage of time and how to do all the things in the time.
  4. 2018.

I do not have the market cornered on woe. I know this. But that day? It felt like it. Because that is what woe does – it makes you feel all alone. All woeful and a-wone. If you get my drift.

I persevered. I went to the store. I looked like this:


When, instead, I kinda felt like this:


Blank 2.png

It was a tough day.

So here’s what happened. I ended up on the phone, with a mom friend, and crying, the kind with the snot and the stringy hair and the voice that sounds a bit like this:





It was rough.

And it was awesome. All at the same Kleenex-strewn time.

And I didn’t reel it in. And I didn’t try to rationalize or even explain. I. Just. Fell. Apart.

And she listened, until I came up for air, and became aware of the snottage, and then said something like, “I’m sorry for crying.” To which she firmly shot back, rather loudly, “THE FIRST RULE OF MOM-CLUB IS YOU DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR CRYING. YOU CRY. YOU CAN CRY ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE, DANA.”

Moms, we are for each other. Every once in a while, I think we all need to fall apart and it can be big and messy but no seals were harmed in the making of the mess.

So, talk to each other. Be real and don’t, and I really really mean this, don’t EVER apologize for crying. 

Keep Calm and Snot On.



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