Happy Sober NYE

To those who wonder about a sober New Year:
I see you. It’s late afternoon. You’re kinda tired and wondering if you really want to deal with the dress and the heels. Maybe you just took a nap, or you want to take one, and the whole pulling on and trying to suck in thing seems exhausting.
A drink would make that all easier. You wouldn’t notice as much and it would all seem so much doable. Even the high heels. 

Or maybe you’re staying home but your significant other has already started celebrating and your night of staying in and relaxing just got a whole lot more… irritating.
A drink would help you match the mood. Right?

Or maybe you think you would like to scream if you spend another midnight with all the kissing and you have no one to kiss and my God wouldn’t a drink fix that?
It’s not fair. It’s not normal, even. A little drink or two would fix all of these feelings, right?
Let me share this with you: I am spending my New Year’s eve trying to find a karaoke machine so I can wedge fifteen people into my house. We’re going to play pictionary and MAYBE EVEN CHARADES MY GOODNESS I’M AN ANIMAL.

I am wearing cat pajamas (not ones that fit on a cat, but ones with cats ON them because I must) and am making this yummy punch thing that is all puckery and yummy. 

My husband is on his way back from Sam’s with forty pounds of appetizers because there will be no actual cooking. Just heating up. That’s how I roll.

The last time I wore heels was sometime in 2017 and, much like 2017, I say good riddance, ladies. 
I never thought my life would be this good.
I never thought I would feel this right. Like I fit, and all the world fits around me. And I can wear the damn pajamas and sport silver hair (#silverfox) and it is good and right. And I am finding my anticipation of a New Year to be like a child’s. I love the reset. I love the grace of it.

And that’s all because I finally, finally listened to the very insistent and WISE voice in my heart that said:
Wine is not going to fix any feelings. Champagne gives you migraines and makes you pukey. Others may drink but you cannot, my dear, because:
You drank your fill
You drank to hide
You drank to run
You drank to numb
You drank to forget
You drank for a whole lot of other reasons and no substance should have that many strings attached.

Also, you drank because you were, and are, an alcoholic. And I am one of the lucky ones because I can look back at drinking and say, NOT TODAY.

So, if you’re wondering… and that voice is talking to you, telling you maybe, possibly, could there be a better way?
Yes. Absolutely yes. Let your soul match up with your outsides. It’s not always easier (especially tonight, if you’re new to this but I promise one day it WILL be easy)

But it’s better.

Happy Sober New Year’s Eve.

And now, I’m off to make fifty pounds of dipping sauces for all the things. Not really cooking, but vastly important. It’s important to have sauce on the side. #WhenHarryMetSally

Love you,




  1. Have fun tonight. I just talked to one of your guests and he was very happy to be joining you and your family. Love to you and the whole group. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. I just love this!! It’s like you can read my mind!! First sober Christmas and New Year’s for me. All those crazy emotions-worth it!! I’ve never felt better on New Year’s Day.

  3. I am going to enjoy reading ALL your posts through my first sober year. I’m gonna keep you in the pocket next to my heart because you know me.

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