Are you done at 51?

This question, in all it’s poetic glory, surfaced in our new podcast today. We were talking about what it’s like to be fifty. To feel a bit invisible. To wonder about whether our synapses can still accept new information.


You are not done at 51 even if:

  1. You feel tired. we’re all tired. The entire world is tired. It’s ok.
  2. You feel invisible. As stated above, it’s a thing. You turn 50 and then you become non existent. You give up and start wearing skorts. But invisibility is a wonderful thing at times. Just ask Harry Potter.
  3. You are a wee bit menopausal. Ok, this one is just for me but you know. If you are a uterus person and you are of a certain age, it’s gonna happen. There are pros and cons. I don’t have time to cover them all here but I will say this: Those cooling mattress pad thingies that cost crackamillion dollars on the amazons? BUY THEM. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. JUST GO.
  4. You are constantly reminded by your eleven year old spawn that you are: “The like oldest mom in my class! Even older than my teacher! By like a lot! We talked about it and made a chart and yep you are IT!”

All of these things are things that happen at 50. They especially tend to happen if you are:

  • female
  • silver-haired (which sounds weird but go here. You’ll see).
  • A bit late in the baby-birthing game so you are in that weird limbo of totally menopausal but also still stuck talking about minecraft all the time
  • any combination of the above but the female thing is kinda crucial

I’m not one to brag* but lately? I have started a podcast, figured out co-hosting, not completely made my co-host mad at me not even once, and also managed to keep my kids off screens nonstop for the first two weeks of summer.


If you are feeling kinda… done? At 51? Or 21? or whenever-one?

You’re not. It’s just not a thing. I realize that mullets are a thing, and mom jeans are a thing now, and Bennifer has become, yet again, a THING.


So. Carry on, mommas.

PSA: Naps are a thing though. #priorities

*not exactly the truth.

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