You Had Me At Hello.

Ok, so just recently (last blog) I told you the very life-shaking news that I have started a podcast, and so, in other OTHER life-shaking news:

I get to talk about my love life in it.

It is GOOD listening, y’all.

In episode 4, Jess and I break down what it’s like to date in our twenties (and thirties), and why we both hated it so very much. Also, we are now both married to Brians, which isn’t really discussed but is still kind of neato.

Also, we talk about Chad, who is our guest at the front porch (all the way from London), and he is just dreamy-mc-dreamerson.

And yes, I know. I KNOW. I am a happily married woman. BUT HE HAS A BRITISH ACCENT. You know how I am about that subject.

And ALSO, Chad is quite possibly the nicest person I have ever come across in the history of ever. Like, EVER.

And he looks like Tom Hiddleston. The pre-Loki kind.

This kind:

This is actually a picture I took of our tv on movie night because my son Red chose some Kong movie and I was all… “Sigh. Kong. Well this is gonna be boring and sill- WHOA IS THAT TOM HIDDLESTON? THIS MOVIE ROCKS!”

And so forth.

Here is a snippet of our fabulous episode:

Annnnnd if you want to subscribe, just click here:

OR head over to my podcast page at and take a listen there!

You won’t regret a full update on why Dana was a horrible dater… and why her husband is the exact OPPOSITE of what she thought she wanted…

And why that’s a good thing.

Isn’t that always the way?

Yes. He’s all mine, ladies. And he is also very much not Tom Hiddleston.

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